360 Video

posted on August 11th, 2005 by Anthony

The slightly rubbish, high on Flash low on content, Xbox 360 website has been updated with an absolutely mouth watering video of what to expect. (Go to the site, wait for the shonky Flash interface to load, spin to the picture of the American Footballer’s head, click it).

oooh mysterious

With music backing from the excellent Kaiser Chiefs there is footage from the following games:

The videos to take most notice of are the ones that definitely show some in game footage. Call of Duty 2 is probably the best example of what to expect from in game graphics – it’s actually quite frightening how good it looks at times (there more footage around on the net if you look).

Basically this video will make you want a 360 now, and wonder why November is soooo far away.

Which is the whole point really…