A WordPress.com Invitation up for Grabs

posted on October 6th, 2005 by Anthony

A while ago I put my email address in to register for a wordpress.com account.

I didn’t really expect anything from it, but surprisingly I’ve been offered the chance to give it a spin!

Unfortunately, I don’t really have any real use for it! So rather than it going to waste I’m willing to let someone else have it. (You will have to sign up for it in a few days though, as the invitation expires after a week, and it’s been in my inbox for a couple of days now.)

If you’re interested just drop me a comment and a reason why and I’ll choose one lucky person.

Of course this could backfire really badly, and prove how very few people actually read my garbage – but it’s worth the risk!

Update! – you do realise these things go for actual money on Ebay!