An Overdue Music Post

posted on May 22nd, 2007 by Anthony

The Main Tent

…will be coming soon.

Instead here’s a post about the Big Weekend.

Big it was indeed! Very well organised too. Kudos to the Beeb, S.J.M. and Preston City Council for making the day an absolute joy – from car park to shuttle bus to cracking music it was totally pain free!

Pigeon Crazy

First up on the In New Music We Trust Stage were the Pigeon Detectives. Despite having the tricky task of having the warm up spot the lads hit the stage at a such a pace they actually nearly caused a sonic boom. Their front man was a joy to behold, Jaggeresque moves, mic swing swagger and leaps off the top of the kick drum that would make a salmon very jealous.

Matt Bower of the Pigeon Detectives

In fact he got so carried away early on that he managed to get the mic cable caught in the TV camera track at the front of the stage… he still managed to soldier on through the song despite desperately trying to unhook himself.

Despite being a touch embarrassed he still managed to belt out a great set of songs from their forthcoming album – more on that soon – and pulled off this pretty incredible leap.

Flying Pigeon

Brassy Frat Boys

The Fratellis were super, bringing on stage with them a trio of brass. They’re just a three piece so they are usually pretty raw when playing live. The added brass worked pretty well and brought the songs closer to the album versions. The packed main tent lapped up the set, and predictably when they crescendoed with Chelsea Dagger the big top came off.

The Fratellis

It made having to miss CSS a much easier pill to swallow.

I have to say Chelsea Dagger is a great tune, but definitely not their best, it’s taken on it’s own hype fuelled life!


We caught a bit of LCD Soundsytem who transferred to live quite nicely – despite looking like a band who had just met waiting in line for a convention of some sorts. Alas we had to leave as they launched into my fave Yeah.

LCD Soundsystem

We also watched Gossip doing their thing. It was quite fun watching Beth Ditto’s barely contained boobs assaulting the first few rows of the crowd. After that and the Pigeon Detectives I think it was a wise decision to use wireless mics on the Sunday.

Beth Ditto off of the Gossip

Lastly Kasabian also rocked the main tent, milking the crowd brilliantly. It’s a shame we missed the beginning of their set, but still great.

Nipping Off

We left before the Scissor Sisters came on. Mainly because we had to go and marshal a moonlight walk around Liverpool… until 4am. We didn’t regret the decision, we totally got our money’s worth. It was free after all! It also made the usual black market food prices slightly more palatable, and the £5 only-way-to-know-the-band-times programme slightly less annoying – thank god for modern technology and mobile (rip off) cash machines!

Sack Fish Book Rice Wine

The ARG craziness continued at the event. We saw Paul recording bits for his YouTube videos while we were waiting to get in, and once inside there were loads of these posters hidden about the site.


If I’d know about the task before hand it could have been fun… but I forgot to keep checking the site before we left. There’s some sort of associated contest now to win some of the bands instruments.

A Nice Touch

While waiting around for The Fratellis a nice man asked us if he could take our photo for the website. We said yes, thinking yeah like we’ll ever see that…

Radio 1's Big Weekend

they have actually put everyones up! Nicely organised by time. It’s a nice touch is that – as I said it was really well organised day!