Antony and the New Phone

posted on November 29th, 2005 by Anthony

Antony Gormley - Another Place at Crosby Beach

Now I’m not going to pretend to be an art freak, but Antony Gormley is that geezer wot done that Angel of the North thingy. And despite the stoopid way he spells his name, he’s pretty good.

Currently one of his sculptures – Another Place – is being exhibeted on the outskirts of Liverpool. Well I say exhibited, if you call 100 cast iron, full size figures (moulded using Gormely’s own body), planted into Crosby Beach being exhibited!

These statues are scattered up and down the 3km stretch of shore – some are near to the tide line, many are 100m out to sea and when the tide comes in they are gradually submerged. As it is near Liverpool, the Famous Scouse Wit has seen that several of the statues now sport clothes…

That Famous Scouse Wit in action

There are the usual ‘meanings’ behind the sculpture, but all you need to know is that they look stunning.


Claire and I visited the beach at the weekend to have a proper look for the first time, and we were mightily impressed. Despite the, cold and wet (and sinking sand) the light made for some un-missable photo opps.

Except we were only supposed to be going to Southport to look around the shops, so er no camera – dammit!

Fortunately I have just got me a spangly new phone – and I mean spangly. In fact it’s not really a phone but a sort of very small PDA.

Antony Gormley - Another Place, Crosby Beach

Super Fone

It’s branded the Orange SPV M500, but it is actually produced by a company called HTC and is the Magician model – you’ll also find it called the T-Mobile MDA Compact among other things.

the mmmmm500

It runs Microsoft Windows Mobile: Pocket PC edition and even has one of them stylus things so you can doodle and scribble on it and stuff. It is a very geek friendly piece of kit that I would recommend to anybody.

It runs the mobile version of IE which makes a reasonable attempt at rendering normal web pages, as well as still reacting properly to the CSS mobile media type. It’s only standard GPRS browsing, but you can hook it into a network via the USB cable, and you can even buy a SDIO WiFi card to go proper wireless!

It also has a 1.3MP camera. It’s not a brilliant camera, but it did capture the shots you can see around here. What they lack in clarity, they do make up in atmosphere. I think so anyway. It’s certainly useful for a few snapshots anyway.

Overall 2 thumbs up for both the phone and the art!