Camden Town Brewery – Camden Pale Ale #alelog

posted on April 30th, 2015 by Anthony

So here we go with the second of these extended #alelog reviews. I’m quite enjoying it so far.

I try and buy as many of my bottles from supermarkets as I can. One of the reasons I’ve struggled for new beers recently is that I’ve kind of exhausted my supply from the supermarkets local to me. Fortunately on a recent quick trip to one of the little M&S Food places I was happy to see they’ve really upped their game on the beer front (which wasn’t too bad anyway) and they’ve started stocking loads of new lines.

Happy days.

There are lots of new beers to try, and hopefully a lot of them will be featuring here in the coming months. On this trip I picked up just three in an introductory 3-for-£5 deal. The first being this Pale from the Camden Town Brewery.

I’ve been aware of Camden for a while. I quite like their bold, distinctive bottles and branding (though I wasn’t so enamoured with their Hells dispute with Redwell … but that all seems a bit daft from both parties) but until now I hadn’t actually tried any of their drinks.

Has the smell of a cracking zesty number, alas the taste doesn’t quite match up. Drinkable though.

As I said in my #alelog the first encouraging thing about the drink is the smell. It hits you with a very promising waft of that zesty hopiness you expect from a good, modern pale ale. Unfortunately, once you get to the drinking part, the beer acts like one of those fruit teas that makes promises with your nose that it can’t keep with your tastebuds.

The taste kind of evaporates in to a very bland, very ordinary tasting, better than average, sort of pale-ish beer. And that’s all a bit disappointing really.

For the price of £1.66 it isn’t too bad, it’s certainly not awful, just … yeah, disappointing.