Chocolate Guinness Cake

posted on July 2nd, 2007 by Anthony

Good things come to those that bake…

I’m not a regular in the kitchen, I have to confess. I leave that stuff in Claire’s incredibly capable and talented hands. (My hands, sadly, are kept busy with the washing up…)

However, I needed something to give my Dad on Father’s Day and as usual I didn’t have a clue what to get him. Then Claire mentioned this cake.

Guinness. Chocolate. Cake.

To be honest I was sold after Guinness… (I’m a bit of a fan, in case you hadn’t noticed…)

You’ll need an oven, a 9” cake tin, and these ingredients…

For the Sponge

For the Icing

The Cooking Bit

1. First get your oven on to 180° or Gas Mark 4

2. Next pour the Guinness into a big saucepan. Alas there will be some left in the bottle that will obviously have to be drunk…

3. Add the butter and gradually heat them up on the hob.

4. When the butter has melted whisk in the cocoa and sugar.

5. In another bowl get the sour cream, eggs, and vanilla and beat them together (or, more easily, get a lovely assistant to do this bit while you’re faffing your way through the first bits).

6. Once they’re suitably beaten, pour the mixture into your lovely aromatic pan of beer. (it’s like being in a brewery, mmmmm)

7. Next whisk in the bicarb and flour.

8. While doing this you will have obviously prepared that 9″ cake tin by giving it a good buttering (we had a clever ‘springform’ jobby that meant we didn’t need to butter it… but it did leak). You’ll need to carefully pour the mixture in.

9. Now you can bung it in the oven for about 45 minutes.

10. When it’s done take it out and leave it to cool completely. It’s a lovely moist cake, but you want the outside a bit more solid and crispy before you ice it.

11. When you’re ready to ice get the Philadelphia and whip it smooth.

12. Sieve on the icing sugar and beat the two together.

13. Add the cream and mix until you have a firm, spreadable icing.

14. Now smooth it on to the cake – try to make it look like a pint of Guinness!

And there you go.

My Chocolate Guinness Cake

The Tasting

It sounds weird but it is actually very, very tasty and incredibly moist. You can’t really taste the Guinness, but you can feel it’s presence – if you know what I mean.

It’s kind of like a ginger cake… just not gingery…

The icing is nowhere near as horrible as it sounds, it cuts quite nicely through the heavy moist sponge. It’s better cold from the fridge too. I wouldn’t tell anyone what it’s made from, it colours their impression! We might try a different topping next time just to see if we can improve it.

It went down very well with everyone who tried it, and I have orders for more – so it can’t be bad!

As a tip, keep it in the fridge and it will actually taste even better after a day or two!