Clear the Tumbleweed, Jump on the Twitter

posted on June 10th, 2008 by Anthony

Things have been quiet round about these parts.

Tumbleweed in the street

I could go on about how busy things have been for us recently – they have! We seem to have been constantly on the go for the last couple of months – stag weekends, car buying, playing Rock Band etc, etc, etc…

Of course these are excuses. Good excuses, but excuses none the less.

It’s not been a lack of material to post about. There are plenty of things I’ve wanted to flex my fingers for… but a lot of these things have either been too big or to small for me to contemplate.

I’m aware I am that, even though we are six months into the year, I am yet to blog about any music! It’s not because there haven’t been any good albums – far from it – it’s just I seem to have constantly been waiting for that ‘just one more’ to appear over the horizon so I can blog about that too.

Of course I have waited so long that I’ve got a list of about 35… which I just can’t face tackling.

It’s the same for games. I’ve been meaning to blog about GTAIV. I’ve also been meaning to write about why my spare room has become a shrine to plastic guitar controllers… and drums.

Embracing my Inner Twit

So to ease the situation I have finally decided to start using Twitter properly.

Hugh Mecleod Twitter-twitter-twitter

I signed up years ago, when the Twitter was a mere whisper. I used it a couple of times, thought “meh!”, and went on about my business. (I’m sure I’m not alone with that.)

The months ticked on and the whisper grew louder.

I tried again. “OK”, I thought, “there must be something to this???”. So I bashed out another bunch of half hearted tweets. I promptly lost interest.

Another few months flipped over the calender. The noise had developed into a constant, un-ingnorable rumble. I knew I must be missing something, but I couldn’t be bothered. I had decided that Twitter just wasn’t for me – I simply didn’t see the point.

Things Change

Do you know what started to change my mind? Bloody Facebook. I’m ashamed to say that it took the Status Message to show me the power of writing a few characters of simple text – and how much information can be conveyed in such a restrictive medium.

It still took a long time from then, but I’ve finally got into the right mind-set to use Twitter. I’ve been using it solidly or the last four or five days… and I can finally see how you can get addicted to it. I can see the point.

It’s that quick gratification of extracting the crap from your brain and instantly projecting into the open public domain. There’s no planning, no graft, no fuss. You’re just 140 keystrokes away from unleashing your thoughts. It’s so powerful in it’s simplicity.

Of course you all knew that already.

HMS Twitter has long left the dock. If you’re already a believer you can come and follow my Tweets at

If you are like the old me, I would urge you to revisit Twitter, you might find it to be a revelation.