Coming along

posted on April 13th, 2005 by Anthony

As you might have noticed – well you won’t cos no ones reading, so I’m essentially talking to myself – I have done a little bit of work on the site the last day or too.

Mainly I’ve added some nice ragged edges to the main post paragraphs, which ties things in a bit more nicely. It works on the front page, but my fettling of the styles has messed up the archive pages and some of the others as you drill into the site.

I also had to rejig the padding and margins a lot because I’d forgotten to test in IE for several builds of the site – whoops – but it’s OK now. I should really test in Opera too…

I’ve discovered why I have been having problems with the rss feeds. I hadn’t noticed that WordPress adds “feed:” in front of the feed address. This is for some upcoming standard that nothing actually supports yet. So I’ll whip that out of the template later.

I’ve still got a load of other graphical tarting up to do. But I’ve still got a lot of things to add yet as well.

The main thing missing at the moment is the navigation I’ve got planned under the main splash graphic. I’ve got a few ideas, but the most i can say is that I want it to look random. Random and pretty.

It will either be CSS rollover or maybe sIFR. What’s everyones opinion of sIFR?

There I go talking to myself again…