Computers – They Know Things

posted on June 26th, 2006 by Anthony

Over the last few days I have come to the conclusion that computers are more aware than we could ever imagine. I’ve already pointed out the fact that the 360 can blog, this is the next step.


I’ve been toying with the idea of investing in a second hard drive for ages. My main 120Gb drive is all fudged up with close on 3 years worth of Windows abuse. It’s clogged up with game demos, useless apps, and tons of stuff I’ve never used.

It’s in need of having the slate wiped clean.

Wiping the slate clean, as you are probably painfully aware, is a very dangerous procedure. It doesn’t matter how carefully you think you’ve backed everything up – you can absolutely guarantee that there will be at least one small, but absolutely mission critical, little bastard of a file that’s banished to magnetic oblivion.

So seeing as storage is so cheap these days I thought I could easily get a new drive, install a virgin copy of Windows and then transfer files from the other.

Hell, maybe I could even try out that Vista beta in a nice safe environment.

So last Thursday I bid on, and won, a lovely little 80Gb Samsung SATA SpinPoint for £14.51 plus £6.35 P&P – excellent result at about 25p per Gb! My existing drive is the same breed, they are fantastic speedy spinners that are also absolutely whisper quiet – I highly recommend them.

What Follows is a Stream of Consciousness Style Reportage Thingy… (or an excuse for not writing proper)

So I get in on Friday and go to boot up my PC.

Now I built the whole thing myself, I know it inside out, so you can imagine my surprise when the monitor didn’t spring into life.

The lights were on, the fans were spinning – but there’s nobody home.

Hmmm OK, it’s probably the VGA cable that’s come out…

OK it’s the monitor…


OK, the cards slipped out of it’s slot…


I’m stuck, I’ve got no spares to check part-by-part what is wrong by process of elimination.

OK is the thing actually getting to the BIOS?

There’s no beep, I’m sure there used to be a beep.

Arrgh my motherboard is fried.

I scout ebay.

Nothing really springs out, I’m looking for a pretty much obsolete Socket A motherboard.

I hit the usual net shops and find that Asrock still produce one.

I don’t want to wait to order one.

I know, what about those computer fairs that travel around in the North West?

Yes! They are in Liverpool on Sunday.

£28 and I’ve got one in my hand by 2pm Sunday.

I get home, rip out what I think is my defunct Abit NF7-S V2.0, and plumb in the new one.

The time comes, I flick the switch, cross my fingers, watch everything come to life and…


The same freaking problem.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Etc

£30 wasted on a new mobo I probably didn’t need (though it is a nice blue).

So I’m thinking it must be the graphics card.

I pull it out and have proper look. Hmm looks a bit dusty… Lets have a look at the cooler

Oh. My. God.

There is a layer of dust about half a centimetre deep completely blocking the air from blowing across the heatsink.


So now I’m thinking my 9800se AIW has heated itself to death.


So it’s a placement of an order for a £30 refurb 9800se.

That had better fix it.

I haven’t got access to anything to actually test the theory.

If not, all that’s left is the CPU.

I can’t help but think it’s going to bey yet another waste of cash…


So this is my point

Is it coincidence that my computer decided to play up at the exact same time I was going to basically wipe it’s memory?

It knew what was coming – so it decided to piss me off big time.

They always know what is coming.

Sneaky bastards.