Dirty Thieving Rats

posted on December 1st, 2006 by Anthony

For over five years Bansky’s Liverpool Love Rat has sat on the door with his disapproving ratty face looking out at the bevvied up masses as they wobble along Slater Street… desperately trying to spread a message of love, and not shooting fringe Liverpool defenders in the arse with a ‘small calibre pistol’

But I digress…

He’s been sitting there, hidden in plain view all that time, with only those who know paying him the respect of an occasional photo…

like this one…

Banksy's Love Rat that used to site in a Slater Street doorway in Liverpool

That is until some scally gits discovered that pieces of Banky’s work have been going for over £60,000.

I’m surprised it’s taken this long.

Overall they were Foiled

Using a tactic Banksy himself has employed to carry out his work, a group of guys came up to the door dressed like builders in overalls. They even had a bit of board cut to size to cover the whole thing once they’d finished.

They promptly started to try and get the steel door of it’s hinges but thankfully, with it being a steel door, they found it a bit difficult.

As they were faffing about a cleaner from a bar opposite, whose owners also own the door in the process of being nicked, got curious as to why they were trying to remove their Banksy.

She went over to ask what they were up to, and they immediately scarpered!

Apparently they can be quite fearsome those cleaners!

Not All Good News

Alas although the hapless thieves may have been thwarted by the Mighty Mop, the Love Rat has still been taken from the streets and moved out of harms way by the owner of the door.

Jane Mills, director of Jacaranda Developments which owns the door, said (in the Metro):

It’s a shame but we’ve had to move the door from public view and to a secret location because of this.

Ms Mills said she was now deciding what to do with the artwork following last month’s attempted theft

Maybe Ms Mills has also just discovered it’s worth. Hopefully they will put it somewhere nice.

Alas with a name like Mills maybe all she can see is KERCHING!

Don’t Mess with his Big Brother

I’d like to see thieves have a go at the other Liverpool Banksy:

The BIG Liverpool House Rat