Do you want to Seed the Vine?

posted on January 10th, 2006 by Anthony

The Newsvine header

I must admit that ‘vine is growing on me. Now it’s a bit more established, it’s roots are starting to take a firm grip in the crowded soil of the internet.

OK I promise to stop the garden related punning – well I’ll at least try…

So do you want in?

Even though I’ve been using the site for a few days now, but I only realised today that I’ve got a few invites to the beta to hand out. Is anybody interested in giving the ‘vine the once over?

Drop me a comment if you’re interested – though I have to be careful who I give them to. If you get banned, me and everyone else on the list gets banned too, so I am going to have to be selective!

On Another Note

Mr Mike D himself visited this little blog of mine to read my review. That’s great to see him taking an interest in the community, but he did kind of miss the point I was trying to make about regionalisation.

I was trying to make the point that a localisation was a bit redundant for a country the geographical size of the UK. What’s news there is news everywhere really – at least on a global news scale.

It also works the other way. I mean what if I want to post a news story about Liverpool, it kind of sticks in the throat to have to label it as London news.

Or maybe that’s just me being a Northerner?