Fireworks. The End

posted on May 6th, 2013 by Anthony Casey

The tool I have used for most of my professional career is being phased out. You don’t get that in carpentry.

We’ve all secretly known it’s been coming. Adobe have never been subtle with their intentions to kill off my design app of choice. Now it’s official, and that’s a bit shit really.

“Sorry mate, that hammer? No that’s not on our list anymore. We’ve tried to send you subtle hints. We’ve not really upgraded it for 6 years. Quite frankly, we’ve tried to ignore its existence. We’ve even broken bits of it. But you wouldn’t take the hint so … well – here’s a bloody great big sledgehammer instead. It does the same thing really. Now **** off … oh and can you still pay us a small ransom for the┬áprivilege?”


I’ve tried Photoshop for designing things in the past. I’ve always felt I’m fighting the app more than accomplishing anything. Unless I’m touching up or editing photos – because that’s what it’s for.

Before you say – yes I do use the browser. But until it becomes as easy to rearrange a complete page in a few clicks and drags it’s never going to be a truly creative tool *FOR ME*.

That’s the key thing. I use Fireworks for sketching. Or what I’ve just called on Twitter – Posh Sketching. Like using really clever crayons.

I know how browsers behave. I can visualise all that stuff fairly well. That stuff has rules. (Messed up rules, that move about and change depending on the weather – but rules none the less.)

What I actually need to stare at intently, in front of me, is the more fuzzy stuff. How objects play and interact with each other, how text flows, which objects fight for your eyes attention – then to quickly change it and see it differently. You can do that stuff in code – but it doesn’t flow easily. You have to re-write code. You have to fight the system. It doesn’t flow. *FOR ME*

Fireworks just lets me create things. Then it lets me tweak things. It lets me make huge changes to a page layout in seconds. It flows nicely for the way *I* work. I don’t feel I’m ever having to fight against a system that was actually designed to do some other task entirely.

Other solutions feel like hacks.

Don’t get me wrong Fireworks isn’t perfect. There is a lot wrong with it. But it was a great starting point, and it’s a damn shame it’s getting canned.

They could have at least fixed the colour picker.