Forpure Session IPA, Skinner’s Betty Stogs, Waitrose Hefe Weissbier and Buxton Moor Top #alelog

posted on June 17th, 2015 by Anthony Casey

I drank all of these beers a while ago now. None of them really nagged at me to write full blown posts about them, but I thought I should try and keep on documenting them on here anyway. So here’s a quick round up.

Buxton Brewery Moor Top

Buxton Moor Top

To be honest, this beer is more than good enough to deserve a full write up. Despite it’s 3.6% alcohol level it turned out to be one of the tastiest beers I’ve had in a while. My #alelog said it all really:

Crisp. Very crisp. And dry. And sharp. Which is all good. Very drinkable strength too.

Did I mention the crisp, dry, sharpness? It’s crisp you know.

That might not sound like a good thing to some people, but coupled with the relative low strength and a nice range of long finishing flavours it all adds up to a really great beer. One that’s incredibly drinkable and refreshing, which is something a lot of over zesty IPAs forget about.

This was another buy from Marks and Spencer and if memory serves it cost £1.90 – so there is absolutely no reason not to pick up a bottle or six.

Forpure Session IPA

Fourpure Session IPA - #alelog Grapefruit grabs you by the nostrils, but doesn't really lead anywhere *that* exciting. Still very good though.

My second Forpure can purchase – again from M&S.

The #alelog said:

Grapefruit grabs you by the nostrils, but doesn’t really lead anywhere *that* exciting. Still very good though.

I had high hopes after loving their Pils, but this didn’t quite match up to those levels. It’s certainly not a bad beer, not even close in fact, but it suffered from having my expectations raised. Not only by the Pils, but also by the Session IPA’s smell – which is pretty glorious.

The tastes in the mouth didn’t quite translate though. As I said, not bad, but I’d choose the Pils every time.

Waitrose Hefe Weissbier

Waitrose Bavarian Hefe Weissbier - #alelog Lots of banana smells and tastes. A nice, inoffensive wheat beer.

I actually ordered this from Ocado, they are essentially the same company at the end of the day. I always feel that Waitrose/Ocado should have a better range of beers than they do. They have a smattering of interesting stuff like Einstok, some Thornbridge, a Dogfish Head, a couple of Meantimes, the obligatory Brewdogs etc, but overall there isn’t that much to get excited about. They seem to have missed a trick with the craft beer resurgence and offer a bare minimum choice. So Mr Waitrose pull your middle class socks up eh?

Anyway this was a fairly standard wheat beer. Some nice banana-ry flavours, light, very drinkable. It cost me £1.93, which isn’t extortionate … but I have since discovered you can possibly get the same Arcobrau brewed beer from Aldi/Lidl for just £1 – which is pretty damn good.

Skinner’s Betty Stogs

Skinner's Betty Stoggs - #alelog I find bitter hard to talk about. This was ok. CAMRA championship good. Apparently.

Another from the Ocado order (we only do one big shop a month, honest). This beer is a good example of how poor the Ocado range is. I’ve tried most of the things I’ve wanted to try already, so I’m left with trying things I know I’m going to think are a bit … meh.

I find bitters very hard to write about. They’re very traditional, very similar, and very ale-y. All perfectly fine things, I just can’t get very excited about them.

This one shouts that it’s CAMRA Champion Bitter of Great Britain. Impressive.

It turns out that was in 2008. Less impressive.

It’s a solid bitter, so therefore, for me, a bit meh.

Sorry bitter lovers.