Go Go Gadget Claw Head

posted on October 10th, 2005 by Anthony

I’m sorry, I couldn’t quite manage to shoe horn a proper pun into the title. I tried, I really did…

OK, Inspector Gadget was class. From the catchy theme tune, to Penny and Brain (the er, real brains behind Gadgets madcap bunglings), and from Quimby’s exploding messages to the fool himself.

Hi Chief

But of course, the best thing of all was Dr. Claw. Gadget’s arch nemesis, and leader of the MAD organisation. (Second only to Baron Silas Greenback, and just above Skeletor and Texas Pete in the bad guy leader board.)

Who will ever forget the immortal line at the end of each episode:


in a voice so raspy I’m sure the actor never worked again after the show was cancelled.

Anyway, the thing was you never saw Claw’s face, all you got was a very large metal claw, sitting in a big Chair’O’Evil™, while he strokes his Pussy’O’Evil™… that was why he was so cool, he had that mysterious air any good super villain needs.

However Super Villainy does not stand in the way of cold hard cash, especially when there’s some kids to exploit, so after the jump you will set eyes on the features of Dr. Claw for the first time – in Action Figure glory:

Dr Claw... oh dear


Holy Crap Tastic, WTF is that!

That idiot is the head of MAD?!

That deep raspy Voice’O’Evil™ came from that weak ass head?

Deary me, some things are best left undiscovered.

I apologise for destroying your dreams.

Next week I’ll take a look at the fact Danger Mouse didn’t actually live in a London Post Box, but a small semi on the outskirts of Berkshire.

Found on I’m A Human Inbox, which in turn was from Progressive Boink