Going Going Gone

posted on March 5th, 2006 by Anthony

Sorry to bore people with this still, but we’ve become sad boat spotters – so things like this really excite us.

The landing actually sank of Thursday night, but the time we got back from work it was dark. Then we were up at 4.30am to get up for our flit over to Dublin, so it’s only now I can bring you this thrilling update!

As you can see it really has completely sunk!

Gone under water

Gone close up

They are currently not sailing to Liverpool at all. Which is a bit rubbish because it sort of defeats the object of the whole ferry thing. Seeing as at the moment it’s essentially a 50 minute trip down the side of the Wirral.

You can get a bus through the tunnel instead though. Woo hoo!

They are supposed to be looking into using the Isle of Mann Ferry terminal, which is right next to it, but so far nothing has been arranged. There are also talks too try and fast-track the new deep-water dock development that is due to be built in that area anyway.

There I’ve bored you enough now, no more boat talk for a good few weeks – I promise.