posted on November 15th, 2005 by Anthony

Yeah, that\'s me

Well actually I think the technical term is “Fnnngggg”, but it is probably more commonly referred to as “One of Those Weeks”.

First we have new neighbours. They moved in above us, and promptly partied until 10am – yes 10am IN THE FREAKING MORNING. And not just once – but on THREE bastard separate occasions, two of which were a back-to-back Friday and Saturday marathon.

Needles to say, the Good Lady and I didn’t get much sleep at the weekend. And all awake and no sleep makes Anthony a tetchy sod.

Do Not Prod the Zealot

So what didn’t I need on Monday morning?

It certainly wasn’t a meeting with a new developer that has been brought in as cover at work.

A new developer you say, surely that’s not too bad?

just a hint...

No normally it isn’t. In fact I generally quite enjoy talking shop to such people.

And for the first few minutes all was well with the world. The guy went through what he was planning for a new a project that’s just getting under way, and it was all going very smoothly and hunky dory.

Then it happened…

I can’t remember exactly what was said, or what that actual catalyst was, but five minutes later I was just about ready to knock this guy to the floor and beat him to bloody pulp with a heavy bound, hard back, print out of the entire w3c website.

I think I mentioned that if he was going to create forms and content then it had to be without using tables. He just went off on one about how he thought CSS positioning was horrible, and broken, and unsupported, and generally no where near as good as his lovely, warm, safe tables. (What is it with developers?!)

Basically his sole argument was based on the way he didn’t like CSS pages resize. Apparently on every CSS page ever the columns start overlapping and obscure all the content for everybody – ever – so there – nah nah nah.


I reeled off all of the reason why tables aren’t suitable for styling content. I told him that we strongly adhere to web standards and that everything we produce has to try and comply with them as much as humanly possible.

Yet that wasn’t enough of a viable argument against his lovely warm, safe, tables, and he questioned why we would do such a heinous thing as not use them.

Because it’s the bleeding Worlds guidelines you bfnging dgnrrring gah!

And he just refused to let it lie! Three times I had to stop myself from whittering on like some crazy zealot, and just said “Look I could argue this all day, but it’s not productive”, but he just kept coming back for more.

All of this from a guy on a short term contract.

Arggh, it just wasn’t the right day to piss me off.