I’m Still Here!

posted on July 4th, 2005 by Anthony

Aye I know I’ve been sloppy, but after a nightmare saga with BT that went something like this…

…I am finally rocking with 2Mb broadband WiFi at the flat.

I’ll just have to give my new ISP a big plug for being a shining beacon of best practice for how an communications company should, er… communicate! They are called Freedom2Surf and for £22.99 a month they are supplying me with my speedy net. There is a 10Gb cap, but between 1am and 6am things are unmetred. A 100Gb cap version is available for £27.99 (and a likely upgrade for me if you keep reading…).

With all the faffing around I had with BT the F2S staff were exemplary throughout with their response times and replies – if only BT could manage half of that sort of service. Another excellent point is that they are a partner of Easynet’s Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) scheme. With my exchange down to be activated (hopefully) this month I should soon be busting out 8Mb a second for the same monthly charge!


and… they are soon to be trialling 24Mb a second ADSL2+ – yes that does say TWENTY FOUR MEGABYTES a SECOND!

Cue Dr Evil style cackling…

Aaaaanyway the point is I will hopefully be getting back into the swing on this thing very soon.

You’ll have to believe me when I say I haven’t been totally laying back and twiddling my thumbs the past fortnight. I have been working on the redesign to reflect the view from our flat (as mentioned a few weeks back). Here’s a sneaky peak…

Sneaky Peak