June Jukebox Jury and May Meanderings

posted on June 6th, 2006 by Anthony

Blimey, has it really been over two weeks?

For the past week or so I’ve been off work and getting into some major DIY projects.

So I’ve hardly touched a computer… well a PC… the old 360 has seem some use, it has to be said. (Rockstar’s Ping Pong and the fab Shithead Online Uno have finally wrestled Football Manager out of the DVD tray – though probably not for long…)

If you take my picture I'll *CENSORED*

During this time I’ve missed posting the May Musical Meanderings post that has been languishing in the Drafts for weeks… so I thought I’d combine it for a combo with June Jukebox Jury!

I also have to mentions Claire’s valiant effort in her Race for Life on Sunday. Despite searing heat, and no water en route, she bravely came in under her target time!

Well done xx

The Zutons – Tired of Hanging Around

At first I wasn’t massively blown away by the Zoots new offering, and I can see why some people have given it a lukewarm reception, but give it a few listens and it’ll burrow it’s way into your consciousness.

The Zutons

Once there you will come to appreciate its more subtle approach than the first albums grab-you-by-the-balls brilliance.

“Who Killed the Zutons” stormed out of the traps with three killer anthems in a row, before romping home to easy victory in the hearts of its listeners.

Whereas “Tired of Hanging Around” kind of lopes around in long leggy strides. It doesn’t have the same explosive acceleration, or the raw pace, but it gets there in the end.

It evolves their sound, but keeps the core sensibilities we all love. Overall it’s a great second album.

No I’m not sure about the horse racing analogies either.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Stadium Arcadium

The Chilli’s are kind of a guilty pleasure for me. By all rights I should hate them, but I just can’t help but like their laidback, jittery, funky rock fare.

Stadium Arcadium is big. Two CDs and 28 tracks big.

And to my mind it’s all a bit too much. There is some really good stuff on the album, but it all gets a bit buried under the sheer weight of tuneage. Especially when mixed by the DJ living in my iPod.

There are some potential gems on here, and I’ll preservere some more with it, but overall I’m a little under whelmed. Though I have the feeling this I perhaps the iPods fault, rather than the albums.

Stadium Arcadium

Plus the art work is among the crappiest I’ve seen outside of an Asda £3.97 bargain bin.

Zero 7 – The Garden

Zero 7

0.7 is probably the mark out of 10 I would have given “When It Falls” – the Duo’s previous (and second) album.

It was sonic wallpaper. And not the nice orange stripy Hemingway designed funky wallpaper we’ve just slapped up in the spare room. It was the kind of wallpaper that would be deemed to bland for a Comfort Inn lift.

Fortunately with “The Garden” they are back on form. Roping in everybody’s favourite Bouncy Ball singing bloke, Jose Gonzales, and long time colabo partner Sia to do the vocals they’ve crafted a beautifully uplifting album.

This time it’s less wallpaper and more, well no walls really. It’s more of a lush, organic, dew glistened field of greenery with azure blue skies.

Highly Recommended.

¡Forward Russia! – Give Me A Wall

If Zero 7 used to peddle wallpaper, then ¡Forward Russia! produce something akin to the halcyon days of the Berlin Wall. Complete with machine gun nests, guard towers and miles and miles of jagged barbed wire. Except they moved the wall to Leeds.

Forward Russia

It’s noisy stuff that rattles around at a velocity that is questionably healthy, and possibly even illegal in some countries.

To try and pin the band down I would say they are sort of like the Darkness, but ‘buzzing their tits off on e’ – except that makes them sound really shit.

They aren’t shit, but I’m not sure if they’ll get a permanent spot on the Pod. I’d say give ‘em a whirl and see what you think.

Dirty Pretty Things – Waterloo to Anywhere

Dirty Pretty Things - Waterloo to Anywhere

For some reason I’ve been avoiding this I’ve been avoiding this for weeks. I think it was the whole Libertines association. The Libertines were a band I took against for no particular reason, and without actually really hearing them.

I’ve never liked that Doherty fella.

But now I’ve taken the plunge I’m glad. There’s a good bit of variety in the album, with different influences from different parts of British culture. There’s a bit of ska, some modishness, bits of punk and all smidges of other flavas.

A recipe of stand out singles tossed with a bunch of growers – me likes.

Apparently they’ve got a half decent website too