Just Jolly Well Doing It

posted on August 1st, 2012 by Anthony

I’ve been tinkering with this redesign for a while. In fact most of it was done a few months ago when I had rash moment and started ripping the old theme to shreds. I got so far and inertia set it.

Well sod that quite frankly, I need a kick up the backside and just launching it seems to be the best way of doing the last 10%. Always the hardest of the percents I find.

Even in the current not-quite-finished state it better reflects where I am professionally than the old, venerable, twice Smashing approved, design that has served me valiantly for many, many years.

So this is almost one of those live redesigns that seem to be all the rage these days. There will be a few rough edges, I have plans for much better and more varied ‘About’ and ‘Work’ pages.

Overall though I’m happy enough to release it, being responsive and not having broken things everywhere means it’s a huge improvement on what was left of the previous incarnation.

Be sure to check out the very early version of the Alelog. If you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram you won’t have escaped the fact that I’ve been posting regular shot of beer bottles. This is the reason why I’ve persisted with it. I honestly didn’t start doing it with this in mind, but it all fits very nicely.

I’ll talk about stuff more when it’s finished. If it ever is.

I used that image at the top mainly because it was a nice photo that I snapped from our flat last week… but it is kind of apt in signifying a transition of the blog.

Stay tuned for more.