KC Milan – The End & Beginning of a Legend

posted on September 26th, 2008 by Anthony

The KC Milan badge

Today sees the turning off of the beta Game World that KC Milan have been ploughing the trade of football in for the past six months.

In that time the club have been dragged up from a team made up of random no hopers to becoming one of the top ranked teams in Game World 7.

You may remember my post a few month ago about the clubs none-to auspicious start. I let the system automatically select my squad… and I found myself in control of ‘talent’ such as Richie Wellens and Mark Tinkler.

I had a slow start.

Picking it up

In the first qualifying league I came 19th out of 20 – finishing only just above someone who never logged on after signing up. I won just five games and conceded 101 goals. The only way was up.

Slowly over the next few seasons (which last 28 days) I started to gather together the kind of squad I needed. I also invested heavily in youth and set about learning the skills to maximise the untapped potential of the youngsters the game produces.

With a mixture of youth, experience and a bit of tactical know I dragged the club up from a lowly senior rank of 556 all the way to a peak of 24. We picked up the All Evening Division 1A title in Season 5. Also along the way we picked up bits of silver ware – not least the Millionaire Cup which netted prize money of £2.05m!

I also have to give due props to the Under 21s who were runners up in the All Evening Youth league three years running. My Youth ranking has always been good – rarely being out of the top 10. It would be my tip for securing long term success in the FML universe…

The Final Eleven

As a final honour here are the main members of final GW7 KC Milan squad…

Goalkeeper – Artur Boruc

Artur Boruc - the Holy goalie

The Holy Goalie himself.

Blessed with many qualities, including a hugely important 20 rating for reflexes, the big Pole in our goal has fully justified his ridiculous £33k a day wages. He was brought into the club for just £900k – a bargain price that reflected his salary…

Right Back – Aleksander Babic

One of the stars of the KC Milan Youth Academy. Aleksander was brought into the club in Season 3 for the princely sum of £26,600. After just 3 seasons in the Academy the talented defender was already on the fringe of the 1st team. At the tender age of just 20 he was first choice.

Now at 22 his tackling, pace and intelligence have made him a solid part of the back four. His corner taking ability is almost indispensable.

That £26,600 investment would now recoup at least 100 times more…

Left Back – Andrew Taylor

Left Back has always been a tricky position for me to fill. Andrew is the latest attempt to fulfil that role. At £1.2m he is actually one of my most expensive buys. I would say he has done adequately. He doesn’t do much wrong, but doesn’t do anything spectacular either. Had the GW not been ending Andy would have been looking at the exit door.

Centre Back – Carlos Tordaya

Carlos has never really fulfilled his potential. I bought him young and cheap at £75k way back in season 2. He slotted easily into the first team despite his young age and performed well.

He has great pace, great heading, great tackling… yet some how he has never really kicked on. He has never really responded to my training.

I have soft spot for Carlos, but this was shaping up to be his last season as a first team regular.

Centre Back – Heiko Westermann

Heiko has been a great success. Brought in at the end of season 5 on a wage auction transfer he set straight our leaky defence and made sure the team didn’t get embarrased in their first year in the Premier League.

Even at 31 he still justifies his massive salary.

Defensive Midfielder – Lorik Cana

Lorik is probably one of my favourite acquisitions. He cost me £1.5m but he instantly bolstered the team by providing fantastic cover for the back four. He has stats in every department, he’s a tenacious tackler, a silky passer and has the vision to play killer balls.

Ultimately though it’s his heading abilities from corners that have made him a true KC Milan legend. He’s netted 76 goals in his time – not bad for a man in his position.

In real life he is the Marseille captain who scored against Liverpool earlier this month. He’s lucky we won…

Attacking Midfielder – César Villaluz

César has been playing for KC Milan for just over 3 seasons. He takes home the highest daily wage – £36,001 per day.

He is totally worth it.

His average match rating has not dropped under 7. He has scored 60 goals and notched up around 80 assists. He is pacy, composed and technical.

Not bad for someone who is 5 feet 5.

Left Wing – Arjan Wisse

I have only just switched back to using wingers this season. The 4-4-2 diamond served me most successfully for many, many season. However it was becoming increasingly exploited by teams playing wide.

Arjan was brought in to plug the gap in my squad the new formation created. I had seen him in action a few times against me, and I knew he could cause teams problems with his pace and crossing.

I managed to pick him up as a free agent, and despite not being paid (or valued) as much as some of the others in the squad he has acquitted himself very well.

Right Winger – Juan Meneses

I will never get to see Juan meet his potential.

He has just turned 20. Last season in the under 21s he played as a striker and notched up 101 goals in just 177 appearances.

He has a huge amount of pace, great crossing ability and, obviously, a deadly finish. It’s a shame I won’t be to see him fully develop.

Striker – Roger Beerens

The exact same can be said for Roger. A bit further down the line at 23, Roger has just cemented his place as first choice striker.

So far this season he has played 17 senior games, and scored 16 goals.

Roger is more of a creative force, and has been given the important task of team playmaker.

A superstar in the making.

Striker – Gabriel Rodriguez

Talking of superstars – Gabby is the shining example of my youth policy.

I picked him up for the paultry sum of £100k at the age of 19 towards the end of season 2. He spent a couple of years in the Under 21s before becoming the striking understudy.

From there he has gotten better and better every season. He has scored 217 goals for the club. He has the reputation rating of ‘World Class’. He has a Market Value of nearly £6m and I’ve turned down offers of over £8m.

That is what you can achieve with a youth policy – and I think it’s the most rewarding part of the game.

Honourable Mentions

Other players from KC Milan folklore that demand a mention are:

Marc Stein

Marc is the only played left in my squad that was there from the very beginning.

Admittedly that is mostly due to the fact he can play at Left Back. He’s not the most gifted player, but he dependable and for that reason he is a legend – he has 829 appearances for the club!

Daniel Halfar

Daniel is a great striker. Had it not been for a broken nose, followed by a broken leg, he would probably be still first choice. Alas Roger Beerens has stepped up and stolen his spot.

But Daniel is the clubs leading ever goal scorer having notched up an impressive 233.

Random Stats

Now to finish, some random club stats.

I would write more – but the Game World has literally just blinked out of existence and I’ll never be able to see them again. *sniff*.

It’s quite sad really.

Not to worry – the fun all restarts from scratch in just a few short hours. It’s not the end, just the start of a new beginning. Or something.