Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer #alelog

posted on April 19th, 2015 by Anthony Casey

Since I started doing this #alelog business I’ve always had the idea of eventually making it into it’s own website. Websites are what I do for a living, after all.

However, websites are what I do for living. And I have a family. And no time. So despite me starting (numerous times) to develop and design something it’s never got very far.

I’ve still been reviewing and tagging my beers on Instagram. I’m up to something like 220 different beers now and that has surprised me as much as anybody.

As I’ve drunk more and more beer I’ve found myself wanting to say a few more things about the beers. If only I had a website to do that … hold on … what’s this thing I’m typing into now?

It’s design is even heavily influenced by the old Birkenhead Brewery for God’s sake.

So, yeah, I might as well just start importing #alelog reviews here (where I don’t talk about much else, lets face it) and expanding a bit from my Instagram postings.

This realisation has taken something three years. I am an idiot.

So Kingfisher.

Not the fanciest of beers to start this journey from, I admit. It’s slightly odd that I’m doing it all really.

I got it sort of free … For years I’ve been a member of the site BzzAgent. You sign up, and occasionally you get stuff sent to you to try out. I’ve been fairly inactive for years, but I found it hard to resist the offer of free beer and curry, and I already do beer reviews so it’s no skin off my nose.

So I was sent a curry kit, a fancy Kingfisher Pilsner glass and a voucher for £1.05 off the price of 660ml bottle of Kingfisher. Apparently, due to alcohol laws, this was the most they could actually offer.

Kingfisher is apparently India’s number one lager. That’s quite impressive when you think of the population. I can imagine that means they produce quite a lot of this stuff. That’s not usually a good sign.

So what’s it’s like? My Instagram review was:

I got this sort of free … I wasn’t expecting much. To be fair it’s actually a pretty drinkable, bog standard, supermarket lager.

I really wasn’t expecting much. It’s a lager which, as I’ve said many times, isn’t my favourite style. It’s also a mass produced lager, which is not usually a good sign. But, as I said, it’s actually very drinkable and therefore quite a bit better than I expected. It’s very refreshing, as you would expect originating from the climate of India. I could quite happily knock a few back without worrying.

Bog standard was perhaps being a tad harsh. There’s not a massive amount of interesting flavour, but it does enough to be far more palatable from the usual mainstream lagers. It’s more drinkable than some of those even at the higher end of the supermarket spectrum, and it has a decent finish to keep you interested. I’d choose it over the likes of Cobra (not saying much I know, but if you find yourself without much choice). My favourite supermarket larger so far is definitely the 660ml £1 bottles of Feldschlößchen Pilsner you can pick up from Asda.

Kingfisher, in that case, is a solid fallback beer. Seeing as it’s not that readily available in this country I’m not actually sure under which circumstances you’ll be in ta actually fall back to it, mind. Probably at a curry house. In which case I reckon it’s a solid choice. Or in India, of course. I have it on great authority it does the job quite nicely out there as a safe banker beer.