Liverpool is Eight Hundred

posted on August 28th, 2007 by Anthony

Many happy returns today to Liverpool – 800 today! And she doesn’t look a day over 795!

To celebrate the fine city’s grand day the council laid on the mother of all fireworks displays. Twenty minutes long, expertly set to music, with full light show, and spread over the cities finest waterfront landmarks – The Three Grace (Liver Building, Cunard Building, Port of Liverpool Building), The Roman Cathedral, The Anglican Cathedral and, the River Mersey itself.

I know I harp on about it… but we have a decent view of it…

The Calm Before...

Anyway, the show was awesome… here are some of the photos, hot off the press:

Three Graces

Three Graces

The Cathedrals

Three Graces and the Ferry

Birkenhead Air Tower and Three Graces

Three Graces, Ferry, and Birkenhead Air Tower

Great stuff. There’s plenty more photos on my Flickr page. These are all raw, straight from the camera, after some tarting up I’ll post some more.

You can also swing past the Good Lady Wife’s blog and see a video (more to come) and stuff from our other camera.