Marked S-Urgent

posted on March 7th, 2006 by Anthony

Mmmmmm Guinness

I’ve just got back from my third trip to the wonderful Guinness Storehouse in Dublin – the home of the Black Elixir.

In fact here is a picture of my free tipple at the end of the tour in the magnificent Gravity bar.

It really as a lovely drink. I know millions of people agree too.

Millions would also agree that it is relatively difficult to get a decent pint here in mainland Blighty. Sure you can get it in nearly every pub, but it is rarely poured correctly, chilled enough or more likely – both.

Plus you will also be charged a premium over most other beers.

So on our weekly shop at Tesco I was delighted to see their latest home gimmick innovation in DIY Black Magic Recreation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Guinness brewery peeps proudly present the biggest innovation in sonic technology since that annoying Tails…


The Guinness Surger

The Guinness Surger


At the touch of a button, the Surger sends an ultra-sonic pulse through the pint glass, releasing the gases in the Guinness beer, which then settles into the velvet pint with creamy head.

The official website did have a video of it in action, but they seem to be having problems at the moment.

It costs £16.99 from selected Tescos nationwide. For that you get the mains powered Surger, a pint glass and two pint cans of the special brew necessary for the magic to happen.

They already have one customer. I don’t care if only use it twice. Rest assured a thorough review will be posted once the product has been tested.

NB. Getting a bad pint in Dublin is nigh on impossible… which is probably why the product wasn’t seen anywhere…