Miss Ups

posted on May 5th, 2005 by Anthony

So my nice UPS box arrived today to take my sick Pod to the Apple Health Centre.

Pity they didn’t tell me that if I’d left it our ready the UPS man could have packaged it up for me and taken it back with him!

That’s really good service, but it doesn’t really help me, because they didn’t tell me anything about it. So my iPod was stashed away nice and safe where it couldn’t be found.

Ah well, all I’ve got to do is put it in a plastic bag, then in a foam holder, put some more foam on top, then put it in another big plastic bag – easy.

Though there is a big sticker that shouts “SECURITY SEAL – VOID IF BROKEN” but the instructions don’t tell you what to do with it. Yet it looks very big, very red, and very important.

Plus, in the other set of instructions that were also included with the packaging, the various stages start to contradict the first instructions by telling you not to seal anything until the nice UPS man comes.

I just want my iPod back!