More Drama on the River

posted on May 16th, 2006 by Anthony

HMS Atherton bomb searching on the Mersey

There’s never a dull moment outside our flat.

Well in the River Mersey anyway.

When there aren’t landing platforms sinking into the brown abyss of the Mersey there are Power Boat Races, Clippers, Ocean Liners, huge Firework displays and the odd Air Show.

Today we have a 500lb unexploded World War II bomb!

How delightful!

(Yes I know I did say I wasn’t going to bore you with River updates again – but an unexploded bomb!!!!)

Details are a little bit sketchy, but apparently the bomb was discovered by a Royal Navy vessel carrying out a routine inspection.

This is a bit odd because I don’t think we’ve ever seen a Royal Navy vessel on the River doing anything other than looking pretty in a ceremonial capacity. So to have one doing a ‘routine inspection’ seems a little fishy.

Anyway, the bomb has caused two Irish ferries to be stuck out at sea for hours, plus it’s closed the Wallasey road tunnel under the Mersey

I hear half a ton of explosives aren’t too healthy for tunnels?

When a Navy spokesman helpfully says, “It’s an absolutely massive bomb”, I suppose you’ve got to take precautions…

Anyway they seem to have floated the thing up and out of the water and are currently towing it – very slowly – out to the deeper water of the Irish Sea. Where they are going to blow that sucker up!

Pity they can’t do it in the river – it would be very cool to see a huge column of water spurting 150ft into the Mersey sky…

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Best. Quote. Ever. (By a Naval Commander regarding a 500lb bomb):

It would cause a significant blast if it detonated.

Commander Chris Davies, Royal Navy

Update! Update!

HOLY CRAP! It was actually 500 KILOGRAM bomb – that’s 1,102lbs!