More IE7 stuff

posted on July 28th, 2005 by Anthony

Well the IE7 beta 1 has been released to a select few MSDN subscribers, but not to us mere mortal designer types who, after all, only make things look pretty…

Anyway, apparently you can find a download pretty easily if you know where to look. Which I will be doing when I get home tonight.

Official details have been released, though, and Alpha transparent PNG support is confirmed as well as a whole TWO CSS bug fixes – peekaboo and guillotine. It’s not the massive embracement of CSS standards we were all hoping for, but they have said they are working on other bugs.

In the overview document there is this very interesting passage:

Internet Explorer 7 is prioritizing compliance to CSS standards by first implementing the features that developers have said are most important to them. As a result, in Internet Explorer 7 beta 1 Microsoft has addressed some of the major inconsistencies that can cause Web developers problems producing rich, interactive Web pages…

The final release of Internet Explorer 7 will focus on improving the developer experience by reducing the time needed for developing and testing on different browsers.

Predictably, tabbed browsing also makes it’s first appearance. Thankfully a new tab opens with the Ctrl + T like FireFox. That is good to hear, as that is something I keep trying to do in IE now when I have to use it.

Also RSS is being integrated into the main program. At the moment I think that all it can do it prettily render feeds, but by the time beta 2 is released there should be functionality like the brilliant Sage FireFox extension.

As I said I’ll have to ferret around the murkier bits of the web to see if I can dig a copy out.