More Threadless

posted on November 22nd, 2006 by Anthony

I’m a bit slow on posting about this. I blame a combination of the awesome Gears of War, the really quite brilliant Casino Royale, Christmas(!) shopping in Manchester (13 hours we were out!), and Liverpool’s annual drudge match up at Boro.

The matches at the Riverside are always thrilling...

Anyway, my last submission to Threadless scored a pitiful average rating of 1.7/5. I haven’t been too put off (yet) and my second sub is already on to it’s last day of scoring.

In Case of Loin Fire

This one came in a flash of inspiration from the fire extinguisher that hangs on the wall next to me in work…

My 'In Case Of Loin Fire' sub

If you hadn’t already guessed, the idea is that the fire extinguisher is spraying it’s soothing foam on to the flames of the wearers loins. It’s a bit stupid, but it actually works quite nicely – even if I do say so myself.

I decided to go with the blue and pink because, well, they looked the best. It also quite nicely to provides a ready made His’n’Hers option. Contrary to popular belief women do have loins too! Though some of the ladies who have commented seem to have taken exception to the fact that I suggest they should only wear pink…

So far the citizens of Threadless seem to like it, compared to the single poultry exclamation of ‘$5’ I got for Pitfalls, this one has so far received five ‘$5’, and one ‘$4’. No one has said it’s ‘crap’ yet either, which is always a bonus!

The ‘$5’ means that not only has the reviewer scored the sub 5/5, but they’ve also clicked the extra ‘I’d buy it!’ button.

Overall it seems to be going quite well.

Feel free to give it a helpful hand – be quick its the final day!