posted on December 22nd, 2006 by Anthony

Why now! Why just before Christmas!

The Ring of Death, why now you bloody...

For those that don’t know, what you are seeing there is the Ring of Death. The error sign that means your beloved Xbox 360 has cooked in it’s own juices…

Merry Christmas Anthony!

More of the Rinf of Death, *whimper*...

My warranty actually expired on the 2nd December… but because it’s one of the first units off the production line it should be repaired for nowt.

Buying it on day of release can be bitter sweet it seems.

How it went Down

It happened not while playing Gears of War, or even Dead Rising, but during half time of the not especially graphically taxing Pro Evolution Soccer 6! At least it wasn’t the text based Football Manager.

I had just gone 1-0 up in a World Cup match playing France against Sweden… a rarity in itself. The half time highlights were ticking through, I pressed start then – “ZZZZfffzttzTZTZpppp”. Tearing and chequerboards everywhere…

PC enthusiasts will be all to aware that’s a sure sign of overheating.

“Bollocks” I thought.

I reset the console… it froze on the intro sequence, whirred a bit then BAM! the Ring of Death.

Reset again, and again, and again, and again… “Nooooooooooooooo!!!!”

Xbox Life Support

So I went to support section, found the very prominent “Three red lights flash on the Ring of Light” link on the front page… I followed the brief “have you turned it on and off again” style instructions and promptly phoned the support line – which is handily open until 10pm every week day – bonus points there!

I got through after a couple of number presses and a few minutes of listening to some crackly, tinny, Air. I have to admit my eyes rolled a little when an Asian accent came on the line, but the guy was absolutely fantastic. He walked me through a few quick checks, including trying the 360 without the hard drive attached which I hadn’t thought of, and when it was quickly obvious it was dead he set up the return procedure.

Basically I’ve been sent an email with a UPS label to print out, I have to pack the 360 in a plain box and arrange a pick up. You can drop it off at a UPS location… but strangely there only seems to be three drop off points – all in London!

A Fitting Way to Cap off the Year of Crapping Out Tech

This is my third catastrophic tech failure of the year. First to go was my PC, which I managed to finally resurrect. Then my dear iPod went to Apple Heaven, I still feel that bitter loss… and now my 360 is off to the hospital.

Hopefully 2007 will be a bit safer!

Well I didn’t want to play on my time off at Christmas anyway! At least Claire is happy she’ll see a little bit more of me!