posted on December 27th, 2007 by Anthony

So Christmas day is already becoming a distant memory. I trust you all had a lovely time? We had a good day: family, presents, food, drink and some Guitar HERO III. All good stuff.

Claire and I treated ourselves to a shiny new Canon EOS 400D as our pressie to each other.

That was the first photo. I have to point out that Claire had dragged me out of bed at 7am (after one or six glasses of festive wine the eve before…) and obviously I hadn’t seen a razor a few days…

Claire is really into her blogging now. She’s far more prolific than me, has more regular readers and has been linked to from the Channel 4 website. She writes about food, recipes, baking and all other tasty stuff. She’s very good, her food is fantastic. The camera is going to be very useful for taking great pictures of her great food.

Claire Cake Bake and Other Foodiness

Because of all that one of her presents from me was a proper website (I am such a huge geek!)… well the promise of a proper website – and a graduation from Blogger.

So her first proper domain is all registered and signed up for and she even has a natty new logo (even if I do say so myself!).

So there’s my next big project all lined up. Hopefully Claire will be an easier client to work for than I was myself…

Old Photos

Speaking of projects… one thing I’ve worked on recently – as a sort of Christmas present – was the restoration of some of my Dad’s old photos. I say it was only sort of a present because he gave me a load of pictures months ago and I’d done a few of them already.

This one however was in a bit of a state…

My dad parties on 51 style!

(That’s not quite the initial photo actually. I had already done some work even by then.)

After scanning in the image at some ridiculously high DPI I cracked open Photoshop and worked the image for a few hours… then a few more hours… and probably a few more hours after that…

All those hours produced this…

Dad partying 51 style - without the tears!

a much cleaner version!

Then it was to a professional printers where I got some blown up to 12″x10″ – not too bad from a 4″x4″ square photo taken “about 1951”.

My Dad’s the one front right, by the way. The other lads are friends from his street. I love the wallpaper!

The only thing was that the printer didn’t use any comon sense and did some pretty severe cropping of the photos – except for the one I had cropped to tighten in on the faces. Having said that the quality was immeasurably good compared to the ouput of my old Canon inkjet.

My Dad was still chuffed though.