Playing This Week…

posted on September 30th, 2005 by Anthony

A return to my semi-regular posting about the games I’m playing at the moment. Of course when I say semi-regular, I actually mean I’ve posted one other article called the same. But that’s regular for me…

I really must stop rambling!

Xbox 360

I know I’m going on about this, but the Xbox 360 looks stunning. I have my deposit down, and I’m counting the days till December 2nd. Until recently actual footage of games has been hard to come by, and people have been getting a little jittery about what to expect from TNG – but this very poor quality vid will reassure everyone in it’s glorious 1m 13s running time.


OK this is a shakycam recording of proper IN-GAME footage of Project Gotham Racing 3. Yeah that POS screenie above looks crap, but wait till you see this baby move – ooooh I’m so glad I preordered that game!

Just look at the real time lighting effects on the dashboard! The shadows from the buildings moving over the dials… soooooo pretty!

Bizzare Studios, who produce the PGR games seem to be a great bunch of people. I like the way they present themselves – they enjoy what they do, and it shows in their games. They are based in Liverpool too, which is always good to see. I highly recommend reading their regular studio updates on their website.

Football Manager 2005

Yes, I know 2006 is out in just three weeks (a demo is already out if you want to give it a whirl), but I’ve recently been getting back into the current edition – big time.

I’m playing a career that is now into the 2011-2012 season.

I started out with lowly Stockport in Division One, who I managed to drag up to the Championship as Champions in the second season. After deciding, “I’d taken the team as far as I could”, I took a job at Notts Forest (lured by a huge transfer kitty) halfway through my third season. After guiding them to safety from near the nether regions of the division, I soon took them to Big League as champions.

A solid first season saw the lads to mid table security, and some top wheeling and dealing in the close season had me looking forward to a successful campaign. But the new personnel didn’t gel straight away, I lost a few games and was knocked out of the League Cup very cheaply.

Two solid wins seem to turn things around – I was looking positively at the future.

But, of course, I was sacked! No warnings, no votes of confidence just a succinct email telling me the players had “lost faith in my abilities as a manager”!

Turncoat bastards!

Fortunately I secured a job at Man City after only a few weeks in the dole queue and things have gone from strength to strength. There was a slightly dodgy start to the season again after more widespread squad strengthening – but things have settled down now, and it’s going extremely well. (Especially the very gratifying 3-1 win over my former employers!)

The superb freebie acquisition of Yakubu is really paying dividends – he’s now worth 16.75m and had bagged 13 goals in 18 appearances!

The game frighteningly tells me I have spent 4 days, 6hours of my life playing this career (“Real managers don’t need food” – it says). I think that says it all really. Roll on FM2006!