Plugged In

posted on April 16th, 2005 by Anthony

So I’ve added a few more bits to the design. Most of the pages are pretty much done graphics wise, but there are a few pages like the search results that are still churning out garbage.

I’m also going to have to sort out the comments and bring them in line with the design. I want to incorporate Gravatars into them somehow, as I’ve just had mine rated (look out for the Superlambbanana, I’ll come up with an explanation another time…).

Apart from adding more of the ragged text areas I’ve also subverted a few WordPress plugins to add a bit extra to the post date and text.

I’ve used Alexander Malov’s Random Witty Text to spit out some random verbage in front of Michael Heilemann’s Dunstan’s Time Since plugin. It’s a lot better than a list of “Posted by Anthony on… etc”

I’ve started work on the main navigation thing at the top, I’m going to uses a semi-image replacement sort of method, that doesn’t replace text, but minimizes, and duplicates it to incorporate it in the design. It’t won’t work completely right in IE (but what does), but it will be usable. FireFox users should get the full benefit, but we’ll see how it works.