posted on May 4th, 2005 by Anthony

Disaster has struck!

My iPod has gone a bit wonky. So wonky I’m having to send it back to Apple!

The problem is something to do with the dock port. It works fine with nothing plugged in, but once I pop in a charger or a connecting cable the whole thing goes screwy.

If it’s just charging and I try to listen at the same time (in the car) it will play fine for a bit before it starts stuttering, then it progresses to wildly skipping track after track, before finally freezing all together. Things get back to normal as soon as the plug is removed from the port.

Now my iPod isn’t even being recognised when I plug it into my computer and all I get is a continuous DO NOT DISCONNECT image accompanied with an infinite looping of some very ropey sounding disk activity.

I’ve tried running the updater, but that’s impossible if the iPod isn’t being recognised by my PC.


So after 2hrs of hopeless fiddling I fired of a service request at 12:45am last night. If it hadn’t been for Liverpool’s monumental performance victory last night I’d have cried myself to sleep.

The packaging material has been dispatched, but God knows how long I will be sans-Pod.

They should do an insurance cover that guarantees you a courtesy iPod within 24 hours…