PSP Web Browser

posted on July 22nd, 2005 by Anthony

This could be interesting. Although it’s not yet even released in Europe (as usual) Sony’s PlayStaion Portable has just had a new firmware announced, to upgrade to version 2.

Amongst a few interesting things, the most notable is the first inclusion of an official web browser.

For those who don’t keep an eye on these sorts of things the PSP is a fully WiFi enabled device capable of getting all HTTP’y with no bother. Until recently the only browser was a sort of hack of a portion of the game WipeOut Pure. It sort of worked OK, but it wasn’t exactly ideal.

Detials have just been released of the official browser, Eurogamer said:

The new software introduces a wireless Internet browser with unspecified security features (presumably support for cookies – the bits that remember your settings on certain pages) and support for HTML 4.01. Flash is not supported, but the PSP can apparently detect it, so we may see that in future. The web browser will be housed in a net network menu.

HTML 4 eh? No mention of CSS, Javascript, DHTML, or even XHTML for that matter.

The update is being released next week, for free, in Japan. It should follow soon in the US, and it could be that the EU version ships with it pre installed.

This could give us web types something to think about, these devices are going to ship by the millions. Feasibly they could make up a bigger market share than FireFox, Safari, Opera and all the rest combined.

Now people have been thinking about mobiles and PDAs for quite a while now, but this is different again, with it’s luxurious 16:9 480X272 screen. Think about the type of people that are going to be buying these things, think about how free and home WiFi is popping up all over the shop, think how that controls should make browsing a reasonable experience (ish), and think how marketing types would love to be able to speak directly to the masses through these machines.

Then there are the proposed peripherals like keyboards and GPS receivers. There are movies on the UMDs with extras and links. Games could have PSP optimized sites with downloadable content.

And this is just thinking off the top of my head.

So I think we are going to have another major platform to think about, and you all know how much we enjoy completely new, propriety, non-standards technology.

I think, unfortunately we are all going to have to be forced to purchase one of these machines. Purely for research purposes you understand.

Pro Evo 5 has nothing to do with it.

And they are releasing a white one.

White PSP

The bastards.