Reboot: The Designs I Like

posted on November 9th, 2005 by Anthony

Ok there are hundreds of sites on the reboot, and it’s hard to distil them down. The rating system is a bit flawed and there are some obvious dubious designs at the top of the rankings. I’m not going to name any names, but I’m sure you can all make up your own minds!

So, In no particular order, here are some of my favourite designs from the event:


DazB\'s site – Maybe it’s because I love Mr Scruff and his style of classy stick art, but I think this design is effing awesome. It might look like a three year olds doodlings, but there are touches of quality all over the place.

From the sketchy horizontal rules, to the funky fields in comments forms this site is far, far better than being down at second to last in the rankings.

I think people are missing the point!

Matthew Cahill

Matthews Cahill\'s site – This is one that I literally only stumbled on today, which is interesting because I’ve been trawling through the Reboots far too often…

Anyway I like the layout on this site, and the colour palette is spot on. Red and cream go very nicely together (even if I do say so myself…).

Apparently the site isn’t completely finished either, so it will be very interesting to see how things turn out in the end.

Andionet – I’m not usually a huge fan of simple down minimialist sites like this, but Andreas manages to add those little flicks of flair to tip it onto the right side of nothingness.

The way the navigation bar subtley hints at being a bridge between the header and content is a very nice effect, and the orange accents are a nice counter balance to the iPod white of the main body.

Though I am dis appointed not have won the non-existant Best Use of a Boat Award in his Reboot run down!


Avalonstar – Bryan already had one of the slickest sites around, so to tackle a reboot on something so good was always going to be a challenge.

Overall I think it’s one of the best sites in the Reboot (that’s why it’s here d’uh!), but if I was pushed I would have to say I kinda preferred the last version. Don’t get me wrong the site is excellent in every way… I’m obviously just scared of change!

The spring rolls look tasty too!

Matt Brett

Matt Brett\'s site – Again I’m generally not a huge fan of dark sites (I’m not actually sure what I am a fan of…), but this one is sooper!

It’s one of the best all round designs I’ve seen. The design runs to every part of the site, and it’s obvious a lot of time has gone into making things right.

It’s also another great example of the kind of stuff that you can squeeze out of WordPress with a bit of imagination.

I have to point out that he has designed it with 1024×768 as the min screen res. I’m not totally sure about this just yet, but it seems to be a growing trend. The extra real estate does allow a lot more freedom of thought though.

Plus he’s an avid gamer and PC liker – always a good thing!

The Watch Maker Project

The Watch Maker Project – Matthew Pennell’s site is just plain easy on the eye. It’s incredibly elegant and soothing – and more importantly it’s one of those rare sites that is so liquid you don’t even notice!

Everything on the site has room to breath, and it all looks like it’s meant to – at pretty much any size (within reason!). It’s definitely given me some things to think about in the future.

And at the end of the day that’s what this reboot malarkey thing is all about!