posted on July 15th, 2005 by Anthony

A mysterious soul, known only as as MW, kindly alerted me to the existence of the Fall CSS Reboot!

I had no idea there was going to be a second outing for the event this year, and seeing as I’ve got a design slowly taking shape behind closed doors I’ve decided to throw my angle brackets into the ring.

The inaugural event, held in May, was an interesting exercise in showcasing how web standards and quality design can work together to conjure up some pretty special sites. The event was established as a sort of mirror image of the original May 1st Reboot concept that has evolved to focus on heavily Flash based ideas.

I didn’t have time (or a site!) to get involved back in May, but I’m looking forward to the challenge this time around!

So stay tuned for Midnight on November 1!

Eek, the final countdown, da da daa daaa d d d daad daaaaaa

It’s nice to have a time frame to work to… I think!