posted on May 11th, 2005 by Anthony

So my iPod is in Holland now.

The Apple website has an excellent tracking function, so you can at least get a sense that something is actually happening.

I created the order on the 4th, I got the packaging on the 6th, it was gone with the nice UPS man by the next day.

By the 9th I got an email saying that the unit had arrived safely at the Repair Centre (in Breda). Since it got there they’ve obviously done some work on it and, thankfully, they must have found out that it is knackered because a replacement has been ordered!


I think?

Unfortunately I’ve got the feeling it might take a while to get back to me, mainly because I had it done with one of the natty laser engravings – Handle with Care: This unit contains musical monkeys – so I reckon there will be a hold up for that.

It is weird how quickly I’ve gotten used to have the little white box, it’s been a struggle going back to Chris Moyles and CDs in the car – it’s just not the same any more.