Sony’s Atomic Bread Bin

posted on May 18th, 2005 by Anthony

Sony's Atomic Bread Bin - not well done, but amusing(ish)

That was my first thought.

Sony? What has happened to you?

There was a time when you could let rip with a long, rippling, wet fart and it would be beautifully designed.

The PS3 in all it's bread bin glory

What is this supposed to be? It looks as big as the original XBOX (which couldn’t get through the doors of a lot of Japanese homes) and also manages to be uglier than it. I didn’t think that was possible. Whats with all the angles, straight lines, and curves? I don’t get what you were trying to achieve.

And the controller! WTF is that! I know you had to nick the designs of the damn near perfect Dual Shock 2’s, but these new ones had better be easier to use than they look. I’ve never looked at a banana (or a Batarang) and thought “Oooh that looks like an ergonomically perfect fit for my hands…”.

Oh! My! God!

However ugly this thing is, it is powerful. Incredibly powerful. Sony would have us believe that it’s twice as powerful as the 360, but most experts, – not caught up in the fervour of Sony’s show – reckon it may have an extra 20% in raw processor grunt. Here’s some of the specs:

The PS3 specs are incredibly impressive stuff. Probably a lot more impressive than MS were hoping for expecting. They showed some absolutely mind blowing videos at E3. I mean incredible stuff. But it’s also almost all fake, pre rendered film. Or if it is being rendered real time, there certainly isn’t any AI or other processing involved to hold the graphics back. It’s still very encouraging, but Sony always do this (Emotion Engine anyone?) and I think they are doing it again. So i’m not getting too excited just yet.

They haven’t really mentioned much about the online side of things. They have said it will be like MS’s always on, Live! system, but details are non-existent where as MS already has one brilliant system up and running, plus they’ve been heavily detailing the 360’s online capabilities.

This is going to be the big hurdle for Sony to clear. In every other respect Sony is either well ahead of MS or at least on a par. But their online services are so far behind that you see it hard for them to catch up. MS are seasoned practitioners of online, with 2 years of development behind them, whereas Sony are going to have to scrap their frankly crap current system and start from the very beginning.

One ace up Sony’s sleeve is the PSP. With all the WiFi and network gubbins the PS3 and the PSP have, it is inevitable the two are going to be very closely linked. Streaming video/music to your PSP in the bog anyone?

Of course games are going to be the biggest thing about the PS3, and the Next Gen of consoles as a whole. MS have been banging on a bit too much about the multimedia aspects of their unit, and Sony have been too busy hyping up their Floating Point Operations Per Second Power (WooHoo!) for my liking. There just hasn’t been too much in the way of game details coming out of all the PR bollocks.

But then there is still little(?!) “Gameplay is King” Nintendo. Do you remember them? They used to be quite big, “back in the day”, by all accounts.

What have they got to offer for the next generation?

A Revolution, apparently, but I’ll go into that in a day or so…