Still around

posted on September 26th, 2005 by Anthony

Hello all, I’d just like to assure you that I haven’t crumbled under the pressure of the impending Reboot and gone to live in a monastic retreat in the wilds of the Wicklow Mountains.

Well I did visit, but the lure of the web is strong in this one.

I’ve been holiday you see, to the lovely Emerald Isle – Dublin and Wicklow to be exact. I was planning to post from our modern 4* hotel in Dublin (we got it cheap) to let you know I wouldn’t be around, alas their “plug-and-play complimentary broadband” plugged but didn’t play. Neither did the lobby wireless network. And no amount of pretending to know what to do with ipconfig seemed to help! And I refused to pay 10 Euro for access through the telly, no matter how funky the remote was… (more on that later…)

Anyway I apologise for my tardiness whole heartedly. A fantastic break was had by all, and I hope to bore you with share with you some photos in the not too distant future.

Before going away I also took a week off from my proper job to work on my Reboot design. I’ve 80% nailed the jelly to the wall – in the draft stage at least. I’m liking the way it’s progressing, I’ve reworked ideas umpteen times, and even done several location shoots to get some of the final detail.

Now to turn the pretty pictures into valid, accessible code…

A few things while I’ve been away: