Swanky Hollibobs

posted on March 6th, 2008 by Anthony

February 24th saw the first anniversary of our marriage. Yes, it’s already been over twelve months since all this stuff happened! We must be having fun, because that time has absolutely flown past!

We spent our honeymoon on Antigua, so to celebrate our first year together we did the obvious thing.

We went up to the Highlands for a week.

It is definitely one of our favourite places, especially the area around Aviemore, and it was a great opportunity to see the Cairngorm range in a more wintery setting. It’s our third trip up there in two and a half years, but it certainly doesn’t lose any of it’s appeal. In fact, we already have an eye on going back up later in the year.

As it was our anniversary we did add a few extras to make the week a little more special.

Drop Top

First there was our mode of transport. We have been saving Tesco Clubcard vouchers for ages. When we started they used to let you convert them into money off at MFI – to the tune of four times their face value! Alas, that offer was withdrawn a while a go. However, what was MFI’s loss was Avis‘ gain…

So we hired ourself a swanky car for the week (well, 11 days in all) to give our little workhorse C2 a bit of a rest…

Claire Gets the Roof Down

I’ve never really liked the Renault Megane CC before, but after spending some quality time with one I have to say it left me very impressed.

It was certainly more suited to Grande Touring than our supermini. It was certainly a lot easier on my mind and body after nine hours of motorway driving!

Despite being February in Scotland we did manage to get the roof down quite a few times – and every time was brilliant fun. driving with the wind in your hair just puts a smile on your face! I can certainly see the attraction of owning one…

Top House

For our accommodation we stayed in a new detached house on one of the new estates on the edge of Aviemore.

Our Digs

Named Avonglen it was one of the best self catering experiences we’ve ever had – and we thought we’d done really well last time!

Not only was the house itself lovely, but the provisions, amenities and little extras that were thrown in were absolutely top notch. We were left a good range of cupboard essentials, a bottle of milk, two packs of biscuits, tea bags, two types of coffee, homemade jam and marmalade, two bottles of nice wine, a sponge cake, etc, etc…

Another nice touch were the Avonglen postcards – with stamps already attached!

This was on top of the full Sky package (inc. Setanta), Large LCD telly, DVD/HDD player recorder, DVD library, LCD TV/DVD combos in all three bedrooms, WiFi, fully loaded kitchen, sledges, gas BBQ, etc, etc…

It was frankly brilliant.

Less Words, More Piccies

Any way I could go on about how good it all was, but that’s far too much effort. Instead here’s a bit of a pictorial run through…

Looking Like A Wazzock…

Speeding along...

…and I don’t care!

Cairngorm Panorama

Cairngorm Panorama

Stunning, but still doesn’t come close to doing the place justice. I like doing these, but I haven’t quite mastered it yet. I’ve got to remember to ‘manualise’ everything!

Barrel of Fun

Round the Back of the Cooperage

We stumbled on this massive yard of whisky barrels when the SatNav took us on an alternative route. I should have stayed longer to take more photos.

What on Earth is This?


What is this vaguely disgusting bag of goo carefully zip tied to the tree? Someone please let me know!

Claire Portrait

Claire and the Sky

Polarizing filter FTW!

Look at the Ankle!

argh still going...


Sums it Up

Snowsport Signage on Caingorm

That’ll do you

So there you go, another brilliant holiday in Scotland. If you’re a proper masochist there’s plenty more photees in the official Set.

I also have to mention the lovely meal we had a The Cross at Kingussie. Top notch locally sourced quality food and great service. It was expensive, but worth every single penny. See Claire’s post for a bit more detail.