That A to Z Thing

posted on September 18th, 2006 by Anthony


I’ve been holidaying in the wonderful highlands of Scotland for the last week or so, and I’ll be boring you to tears with a holiday run down forthwith.

But what better way to kill some time than a lovely meme! (Seeing as I missed that “Design is…” one – that was a good one that.)

As Mr Pennel describes:

Here’s a fun meme for a Monday morning – in your day-to-day browser of choice (which in my case is Firefox), which site is auto-suggested when you start typing each letter of the alphabet in the address bar?

Here’s mine

Aa is for

Apple UK – I’ve been pricing up a MacBook Pro (he he he he he… girly laugh… etc) and checking out the news on the 12 Sep announcements I missed while in the wilderness.

Bb is for

The Bottled Grain Company – This is a company run by a guy from our office who went off to sell real ale to people. Git. Yes I hope to be helping him with his site soon, he’s only just started on the ‘web thing’.

Cc is for

Chester City Council – Work! The new design is coming soon – I’ll let you know when!

Dd is for

Hello I'm Dr McNinja

Dr McNinja – I don’t really do comics. Or webcomics. But he’s a doctor. And a Ninja.

Do you really need more?

Ee is for

Escape Crate – that’s this thing here

Ff is for

Fantasy Premeier League – The cracking free offical fantasy footy game from the Premier League and Budweiser

Gg is for

My Google Analytics page

Hh is for

Highland Council website – for some pre holiday research, plus I’m sad and wanted to know how good their site was compared to ours.

Ii is for

The Goolge Images Labeler thing – it kills a few minutes

Jj is for

Jimbotron – some quite nice vector and photoshop work I StumbledUpon

Kk is for

The Knock Off Project – Album cover spoofs, goofs, tributes, send ups, near misses and coincidences. This is the all-new Knockoff*Project – another Stumble.

Ll is for

Liverpool FC News – To find where all our goals have gone… but it’ll come.

Mm is for

Ma.Gnolia – for me bookmarks innit.

Nn is for

BBC Sport – not exactly cutting edge geek, but still the best source for footy news.

Oo is for

OnionRing – This was being pimped at the (very enjoyable) first Wirral Food and Drink Festival. The website is actually fairly crappy.

Pp is for – searching for the latest 360 bargains.

Qq is for

Images of Jeff Minter’s forthcoming 360 trip fest

Rr is for

Something to do with the Apple site (he he he he he he…)

Ss is for

The back end of the Society of District Council Treasurers site. It’s finished now, but I’ve still go to write the damn user guide…

Tt is for

Technorati – I don’t know why, because I don’t use it except to occasionally see who is linking to me.

Uu is for – Our baby, it couldn’t be anything else.

Vv is for

Visit Aviemore – more pre-hollibobs research.

Ww is for

Who-Is – We were doing a little research in to who is behind the anti-LibDem site… alas they knew not to leave such an obvious trail.

Xx is for

Xboxyde – The best place to find video footage of all that forthcoming 360 goodness.

Yy is for

YouTube – There isn’t much competition in the Y category to stop this behemoth.

Zz is for

Info on the tantalising Behringer BCD2000 MIDI Controller and mixer doohickey. At about 130 quid I’m very, very tempted.

Fascinating Stuff

Well that tides me over until I can bring you tales of Scotland and tell you just how superb the new The Rapture album is.