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posted on May 25th, 2007 by Anthony

I knew I’d get there eventually. No messing about here, this year has had a small truck load of cracking music dumped on it already – and it’s only bleedin May! I’ve got some catching up to do.

Pigeon Detectives – Wait For Me

I’ve been mentioning these guys for a while, I’ve had their demos and single on rotation for most of the year… and I *cough*stumbled*cough* across their album about two months ago… it’s not actually released until next Monday.

Matt Bower of the Pigeon Detectives

They knock out dangerously infectious, simple, shouty, happy, indie pop classics with out trying it seems. There’s about as much depth as you average Jacuzzi – but you can have a lot of fun in a Jucuzzi. Especially when that Jacuzzi is as energetic as front man Matt Bower.

Pretty much every song on the album has serious single potential – which is a good job seeing as three of them have already seen chart action. Their last single, ‘Romantic Type’, saw them burst into the Top 20 and their next ‘I’m Not Sorry’ should repeat the feat with ease.

By the end of the year we’ll probably be all sick of hearing them, but for now this has been one of the most simply enjoyable albums of the year so far.

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Candie Payne – I Wish I Could Have Loved You More

It’s good to see the girl from Liverpool’s Payne Dynasty getting along for herself. Her big brother Sean is the drummer in the Zutons. Her other big brother, Howie, is the ex-frontman of the Stands (the Missus’ faves) and will be also hitting the solo scene soon. Mr and Mrs Payne must have been downing vats of talent juice… or something.

Candie Payne

I think think it was a review in the Guardian that described her as the new Cilla Black stirred together with the trip hop burblings of Portishead.

That doesn’t really bare thinking about it.

In fact if you read the review you would have had a hard time working out if they liked the album or not from a description like that. As it happens they loved it and gave 4/5.

And with good reason too, because it’s a lovely album. Candie’s voice is effortlessly powerful and purer than glacial water – and just as cool (think a clean living Amy Winehouse?). She is backed by a solid 60’s tinged array of tightly produced instruments. If I was going to be slightly critical I would say it’s almost too tight – it could do with a bit more life – but it does an adequate job supporting Candie’s vocals by not killing them with a wall of noise.

Overall it’s a cracking debut from a talented lady worth keeping an eye on. I would love to hear that voice teamed up with some other talented musicians.

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Good Shoes – Think Before You Speak

Good Shoes

Good Shoes are a London indie band, with Think Before You Speak being their very solid debut.

Their sound is sounds like quite a few bands all at the same time. Is it The Jam? Maybe an upbeat Smiths? Rhys Jones’ vocals certainly have a high end Morrisey sound.

Overall the tunes are jaunty, bouncy little ditties that are great when you’re listening to them. They also somehow manage to completely drop out of your head until you hear them again. Then you think “Oh this is nice…” before forgetting them again.

As I said a good, solid, consistent debut from a young band. There are some great tunes, it just lacks that little something for it to be a classic.

Buy Good Shoes, Think Before You Speak from the Internet Jungle.

The Maccabees – Colour It In

The Maccabees are Orlando, Felix, Hugo, Rupert and Robert.

Wait! Come back!

Although they sound like the foppiest fops to ever fop in Fopston-Upon-Thames they are actually very good.

Admittedly it is indie from the comfy side of the fence. They aren’t busy trying busy trying to bing down The Man, they’re extolling the virtues of Latchmere’s leisure centre!

Wait! Come back!

That’s not such a bad thing is it?


OK I’m not making a good case for them here, just trust me in the fact that these posh lads make great music. Really good indie that shifts about from raucous to twee, and at times mingles them together. Plus they’ve got songs that talk about important things like Scalextric, Lego and wave machines. Posh or not I’m sure most us can relate these childhood institutions a lot better than the average indie bands toils…

Buy the alubum form Amazon.

Mr Hudson & the Library – A Tale of Two Cities

I’d never heard of Mr Hudson, or his library. Then idly watching some Music Hall revival thing on BBC Three they pop up playing ‘Ask the DJ’ with Mr Hudson rocking a rather natty cricket jumper.

Mr Hudson

The tune is rather good. It’s strip downed poppy fair, with influences from all over the place. The chorus is catchy, the vocals are interestingly delivered and there’s lots of nice things going on. I love stumbling on stuff.

So a quick Google about later and the whole albums there. It’s quite strange, but highly entertaining.

As his website bio goes Mr Hudson is a man equally at home with hip hop as he is with Cole Porter. He is also a man who couldn’t be whiter if he tried. As I mentioned his wardrobe includes a nice line in trilbies and cricket jumpers (I so want one), and he’s almost albino blonde. Yet he still gets respect for his beats from the likes of Sway.

Being an intelligent Oxford educated type he was clever enough to not try and become the next star of UK hip hop scene. Instead he’s tried to combine his beats with his more fitting traditional vocals, sprinkled with hints of the Caribbean, licks of piano and guitar, and plenty of other musical spices are added too.

With that many different sounds and ideas it would have been easy to create a huge mess of an album. Skillfully, the different sounds co-exist in the same space, but don’t get in each others way. It’s a difficult trick, but it’s been pulled off rather splendidly.

It’s an album that deserves to have had more exposure than it’s had so far. It’s has a summery sound, so maybe it’s time will come.

Buy their smashing album from Amazon.

Feist – The Reminder

Another one I’ve recently stumbled across. Well re-stumbled across because my sis did point me in her direction a while back but I forgot – she had one of her tunes on a LaCoste ad or something (Mushaboom, Jen, I know!).

Leslie Feist

Anyway it was early one morning flicking through the channels that I stumbled on the ‘My Moon My Man’ video, on E4 music of all places. What an awesome tune that is!

Starts of with just a kick drum and a nice slice of piano before bringing in Leslie’s staccato vocals and building to a nice choursy crescendo. Simple musical perfection.

The album has a few other high spots with the madly titled ‘Sea Lion Woman’ also being a bit of an epic builder with lovely hand claps. In fact every time a bit of pace is injected the quality is sky high… it’s the plodding slow tracks that stop it being wikid awesome.

Leslie Feist has lovely voice, but when she’s just warbling along with nondescript washy strings it doesn’t really do it for me.

The albums worth checking out though – the high points are really high, why not buy it from Amazon!

Other Stuff

Cor there is more too!

Art Brut’s new album is shaping up to be another cheeky little hit.

The Cinematic Orchestra have delivered yet another delightful album chock full of jazzy, soul packed goodness.

Both Kaiser Chiefs and the Kings of Leon have released pretty good albums that any other time would have been dominating my playlists.

I love the Mark Ronson album Version. I’m sorry, I know a lot of people think it should be ceremoniously burned on the spindle, but I like it. Sorry.

Maximo Park have again delivered delivered an average album, but with one or two absolute classics on it. Our Velocity is an awesome tune.

Simian Mobile Disco have decent full length LP on the way. There’s some nice squelchy acidic sounds on that bad boy.

New Young Pony Club have steadily been releasing a good line in funky punky house, I’m looking forward to their full lengther.

I’ve also listened to the Hot Fuzz soundtrack far too many times. Which also lead me to finally getting some Kinks on my iPod. I’m loving me some Kinks at the moment.

There Still a Lot of Year Left

The White Stripes, Art Brut, New Young Pony Club, Architecture in Helsinki, The New Pornographers, MIA, The Go! Team, Chemical Brothers, etc etc etc etc etc etc

2007 is a vintage year methinks.