The Brewing Process: Part 2

posted on November 8th, 2007 by Anthony

I was hunting around my files and I’ve dug up that HTML prototype I mentioned in the last post. Have a look, it’s OK.

The problem was that it was only OK. I didn’t hate it – which was a step in the right direction – but I didn’t really love it either.

It just didn’t quite work for me, so I never took it any further from that semi-coded state.

Tough Decision

I got so annoyed that I even toyed with the idea of dropping the nice, classic style typography layout I had come up with…

Design number 9

I must have been in a coding mood by then, because there’s a simple HTML prototype of that one too. It was still rubbish though.

So I went back to the nice post layout but with a different arrangement with a bit of added design fluff…

Design numero 10!

This is about the time when I realised things just weren’t happening – after a mere 10 design revisions!

It had taken me a while to realise, and a bit longer to admit, that the crest wasn’t working. Unfortunately it had to go.

Different Tack

It just wasn’t fitting into the look of those lovely pieces of 50’s breweriana. I probably should have realised that earlier, seeing as it’s completely absent from any of their material!

It was at that time Ebay came up trumps again – popping a few new items into my feed reader. (The search RSS feeds are very useful)

More quality BBC stuff

As you will see there’s a couple of familiar features in those two pieces. The bottom neck label was especially useful, and the lady water carrier pops in too…

The Neck Label

The first RSS neck label

Look familiar?

As you can see it was originally intended to be an elaborate RSS icon!

I’m sure there was a mock up done at some point, with the label in place in a much less prominent role, but I can’t find it. It didn’t stay like that for very long. It just looked a bit too clean.

So I took that lovingly created vector realisation of a vintage beer label… and ripped the shit out of it.

The effed up label!

I don’t know about you, but I can rarely hold a bottle of beer without picking at the labels.

Mock up 11

As you can tell things were really taking shape by this point.

The Home Stretch

It was about April 2007 by this time, and from then on it was all about tinkering with the ideas.

There are less different saved mockups from that point because, now I’d settled on an idea, the revisions were far more fluid.

Number 11

You can see a few more of the ideas creeping in on this one.

I usually have a group of little mood board type things, with bits of inspiration and ideas, under the main part of my mockups. I’ve cropped them out of most of the screenshots but this one gives you a small idea.

The Last Sketch

So here, ladies and genst, is the thirteenth, and last, revision as it was the last time I fiddled with it.

The Final Draft!

The biggest change here was to pin things on to loose a grid. I didn’t stick to it rigidly, but the main elements are lined up, and it gave things a much tighter feel. Also at this point you can see most of the little touches that came in… and a few that never made it.

And There’s More

So that’s that pretty much wraps up the inspiration and illustratory side of things… next comes some cold hard code!

Something to look forward to there then!