The End of the Year Show

posted on December 23rd, 2005 by Anthony

Well everybody else is doing it.

And yes if everybody else jumped off a cliff, or put their hand in the fire, I’d probably do that too…

The following lists need not necessarily contain things that were new in 2005. They will however contain things that I have enjoyed over the past 12 months or so.

If I‘m painfully slow at catching up with the Kerazy Kids of today well that’s my problem – but it’s my website and I can be uncool if I want too!

Good Stuff that’s happened.


Getting engaged – need I say more?
Moving into our new flat – and it’s very nice, even with bastards living above us
CSS Reboot – why this site looks so nice
Xbox 360 on launch day – a long time ambition fulfilled

Fave Games

Football Manager 2005 – not new, but for a few periods this game has swallowed a lot of my life again this year
Trackmania Sunrise – One that slipped under the popular radar, try it, you won’t disappointed
Project Gotham Racing 3 – great game, great online, and gobsmackingly gorgeous
Tiger Woods 2005 and 2006 – 2005 has been my main PC game for the last 5 months, it’s now residing very nicely on my 360 looking fantastic
Pro Evolution Soccer 5 – I haven’t actually got this yet, but it just is OK!

Fave Music

Howie from the Stands

Kaiser Chiefs – First heard them on a one to watch show on Radio 1 this time last year – they haven’t disappointed
Franz Ferdinand – No disappointment here either, love the new album even if it’s not cool to like them any more
Arcade Fire– awesome, beautiful music, full of absolutely belting builders.
Mylo – I put this off for ages thinking I’d hate it. I can’t fault it at all. I was very pleasantly surprised.
The Stands – The sadly now defunct Liverpool band. Horse fabulous is a cracking album. But they were awesomer live
DJ Format – Crazy beats, crazy horns, and with more energy than a bag full of ants… with ants in their pants.

Fave Webby Things

Sage Firefox Plugin – works lovely, couldn’t do without it – simple ideas, wonderfully developed, great community, perfectly executed
Digg – see above, except the community are a bit twatty
Why’s Try Ruby in your Browser – I think I’d like Ruby, especially after seeing this and Why’s poignant guide
The Scribbler – just good fun
Xbox Live Gamercards – Would be perfect if you didn’t have to use natty scripts to avoid MS iFrame implementation.

And Things to do…

The links in the sidebar!
Learn AJAX or something else new
Redesign UKfpl
Watch England win the World Cup
Watch the British Open as it’s on our patch
Play more golf

Get Married…???