The End of Year Report

posted on December 31st, 2007 by Anthony

2007 was a busy year. Years are always busy, but it’s always customary to make that observation anyway. In my case it was actually pretty true, with the first few months dominated by getting married… I think that’s enough to make any year busy.

To be honest my blogging has been a bit sporadic. Wedding stuff didn’t help, but that’s just an excuse. Here’s a run down of the year recapping a few things that I covered, some bits that I didn’t… and knowing me probably quite a few random thoughts too.


I kicked off January with a recap of my 10 favouritest albums of 2006. I plumped for the controversial choice of the Fratellis. Yeah it was a bit cheesy, a bit too poppy – but I loved it (quite randomly they’ve just popped on in iTunes…). I still love it. I do not apologise.


Next I had a bit of a moan about Microsoft and their stupid move of using Word’s HTML rendering engine for Outlook. Ridiculous! At least they seem to be moving IE8 in the right direction. Hopefully the Email Standards guys will sort out the Office team.

As January moved on we were starting to feel the Wedding Panic set in. Our invitations were lovely, and well worth the effort. It would have been a lot easier if someone else had been putting that effort in for us though…

The stress drove me to drink… which is just as well as Guinness unleashed their Red variant onto the market. At the time I was very interested to sample the new drink… but I got side tracked and never got around to posting my thoughts.

That’s mainly because they were mostly… meh… for want of a better word. It’s quite nice, drinkable, a bit sweeter and lighter than Draught. I’m just not sure when I actually choose to drink it – if you know what I mean?


We got married on the 24th.

I Do

Unsurprisingly there was only one post in the 28 days of February.

That one post – a surprisingly close 9 days before the Big Day – did cover a lot ground though.

First it was to declare to the world that I had finally managed to make the move to Mac OS X via a work provided MacBook Pro of my own. My thoughts of Mac ownership are probably better waiting for an anniversary post, but suffice to say it’s been a wholly lovely experience.

The bulk of the post was, however, about music. Mainly I went on at length at the gorgeousness of the Bees new album, Octopus. This went the distance and was my album of the year. I also had some words about Amy Winehouse (who I have started to tire of…), Klaxons, The Noisettes, Hot Club de Paris and The View.

Then towards the end of the moth we got married…


Unfortunately we spent the early part of March trapped on the Caribbean Island of Antigua with limited internet access. Shame that.

The view from our room in Antigua

Once I got back I did find time to write an opus about the wedding day itself. I think I managed to get most of it down. It was a good thing to do because it is mad how fast you forget things. People say your wedding day goes really quickly. It doesn’t – the memories just fade very fast. You’re left with just the main ones that get condensed very tightly together, and you’re left with a five minute highlight package of the day.

It’s good to write things down.

I also managed to write down some of my initial thoughts about switching to Macdom. Mainly about the lack of the # key on a MacBook Pro – alt+3 – of course!!


There can’t have been much happening in April.


First I attempted to carry on with my very long winded Top Twenty Games list – which has been plodding along for a very long time…

Number five on that list was the wonderful Super Mario Kart. That was followed at number four by PGA Tour Golf/Tiger Woods. The PGA Golf series is something I’ve played since the early 90s, and it’s always been consistently playable… Mario Kart was just an awesome game.

I think getting married, and being all grown, forced me into reverting back a few brain years as I started the Got Got Need Need project. Football stickers were a huge part of childhood and I, for some reason, suddenly thought it would be a good reason to try and buy some off Ebay and fill a book.

OK I lost interest a bit… but I’ve still got them, and I intend to finish what I started – but maybe I won’t photograph every pack. If nothing else it was starting to show some interesting trends in the packs – and was actually proving that the manufactures do seem to weight packs so you have to keep buying…


Blimey we won tickets to Radio One’s Big Weekend! We only entered once too!

They put on a really slick show, it has to be said. From the well run car parks and shuttle buses, to dealing with the mud and to putting on an eclectic line up that dealt with all of the massive range of Radio 1 listeners, we left with a very positive view of the Corp. (I’m a fan of Radio 1 anyway, always have been. The fact that they cater for niche tastes after dark and their willingness to try a few things has always been appreciated by me).

Towards the end of the month I found some time to write a few musings on the latest musical releases. The pigeon Detectives were given a favourable review. I like what they do, but it’s not music that is standing up well to forced repeated playings… I also featured Candie Payne, standard indie pop from Good Shoes and The Maccabees, Mr Hudson and his Library, Feist and quite a few others.


June presented me with an opportunity to do a bit of a technical write/tutorial. I don’t do it often enough really. Anyway after playing with Google Maps for a project in work I thought it would be nice to share my experiences of integrating the new My Maps functions into a map on you own site via the API.

No one seems to have taken any notice… but I enjoyed it!

The next thing on the radar was the God awful London olympics logo. It still sucks… and blows.

The lovely old fort!

Next I wrote about a wonderful gig we attended at Fort Perch rock in New Brighton. This is where the Bees confirmed their awesomeness by turning in a reet rocking performance in the grounds of an old Napoleonic fort. Lovely.

Six Down…

There you go, half of 2007 covered.

I’ll try and get the next six months done before 2009…