The Other Half of Last Year

posted on January 7th, 2008 by Anthony

Happy New Year everyone!

Now let me crack on with recapping the second half of last year…


July was a slow posting month. Only a single, solitary, slightly rubbish post.

With a decent headline graphic…

Good things come to those that bake

I usually leave the food to Claire… but this cake was so bloody good I had to post about it. I like to post about Guinness things as much as possible anyway…


One of the reasons July was a bit quiet was because I had a lot of big projects on the go.

First I the website for The Chester Renaissance to deliver. This was my first full stab at a grid based layout, and I fully enjoyed the experience. This was the project I was doing all the Google Maps work for that I covered earlier in the year.

The second big – nay massive – launch of the month was for the long, long overdue unleashing of the new Chester City Council site. This was a bit of a monster of a project, as you might be able to imagine. We’re very happy with what we’ve done. It’s a shame that it’s days are already numbered

To round things off for the month I posted about the very nice fireworks display put on for Liverpool’s 800th birthday. We’re hoping for some more like this year… now it’s a Culture Capital and all that!


Another slow month with just a single post. It was all musical, covering White Rabbits, M.I.A., The Go! Team, 1990s, The Earlies and many more. Some good stuff.

One of the reasons for the slow month was a wee little holiday up in the Cairngorms.

Double Rainbow!!!!

It was generally as awesome as ever. We can’t get enough of the place, and we’ve got another trip planned in February.


Woooooooooooooooooo Bong Bong

I was busy. OK?

(and gutted it was the only month I’ve missed in 3 years…)


The Seed

October was dead because I was working hard on getting the Birkenhead Web Brewery up and running!

This spawned a huge amount of “Brewing Process” posts:

Smashing Magazine logo

The hard work was worth it though. I some how got picked up by CSS Mania, which was nice.

Then a few days later I was featured on Smashing Magazine as one of their ’30 More Excellent Blog Designs’ under the ‘Nice And Original Blog Designs’ category which, if I’m going to be honest, I was really chuffed about!

The significant increase in traffic gave me a bit of a kick up the arse and a bit more incentive to post a bit more often. So by the end of Novemeber I had racked up eight posts! OK, not hugely impressive – but a huge improvement for me!

On top of the Brewing Process posts I also had a good rant about the iPhone, and how they’ve got their pricing structure so wrong. I still haven’t seen anyone in the street using one…

What the iPhone could be...

Guinness played a quick practical joke about new can designs, it almost had me for a few seconds…

I also jumped on a meme type thing from Mr Pennell that was all about describing the way I approach web projects and my general design process.

So it was a busy month… for me at least!


At the start of December I decided to squeeze in just one more set of musical reviews. Mainly it was just to make sure everyone knows about Elle s’appelle…

Elle s’appelle, twirling, ever twirling… I’ve nicked this off of their Facebook group, please don’t sue me

but I also had to give huge love to the Burial album, because I knew it was going to be at the forefront of my end of year list.

Next I joined in with another memey thing about the place I live. As usual I got a bit carried away, and wrote far too much – but I enjoyed trying to source some of the old photos.

I was I’d seen this photo, taken by famous Liverpool based photographer E. Chambré Hardman, of the HMS Ark Royal being built at Cammell Laird’s earlier…

E. Chambré Hardman photograph of HMS Ark Royal being built at Cammell Lairds

Put in such a local context (I know that road) the size of that thing is staggering!

Next came the mammoth musical review of the year with 64 different releases getting a bit of a mini write up and semi-sorted. There are some questionable entries and choices – I am fully aware of the fact – but as I’m starting to push on a bit my shit filter is far less fussy than it used to be… I make no apologies!

Octopus and Untrue are awesome albums. Buy them – or buy me the vinyl versions of either!

With the year easing to a close there was just about time for me post about our new 400D and photographical exploits before starting this whole yearly review thing.


So there’s the 2007 posts rounded up and herded into a large two-bayed pen.

If I get time I plan to review a few other things. Maybe my fave games of the year. Probably some other stuff too that I planned to add to this round-up but didn’t because I rambled on too long… just for a change.

One of my resolutions is definitely to try and ramble less… and blog more.

OK that’s two resolutions.

I’m off to a good start already!