The Scribbler

posted on August 10th, 2005 by Anthony

I know Flash drawing things are ten-a-penny, but this one is really cool.

What you do is draw a very simple line sketch, then once your happy you click the scribble button, set some options, then sit back as some complicated algorithms turn your crappy line drawing into a cool notepad and pencil sketch.

Here’s one of my fumblings…


No, it’s not some interpreationist view of an abattoir, it’s actually a very quick sketch of the coat stand in our office. (I brought my bright red fleece in this morning…)

I like it. It takes a few goes to mess about with the different options, but once you get a feel for it you can produce some pretty funky results.

It would be even better with some extra functions like undo, different shaped strokes and some capability of adding your own paint. But I love the way it works.

It could make a great plugin.