The Wedding Post

posted on March 20th, 2007 by Anthony

Signing the register

So it’s all done and dusted – I am officially a husband with a beautiful wife! (These terms are going to take some getting used to – but at least I don’t have to change any names like Claire!)

The wedding day itself was really, really enjoyable. When people say it’s the happiest day of you life I can fully understand what they mean.

When you’re knee deep in months and months of planning it can get hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel – but bloody hell it was worth it! It’s almost a shame you only get to do it once!


I’ve tried writing this several times now, and every time I do my brain goes into overdrive and tries to dump the entire contents of the day into my MacBook Pro.

A picture, as the cliche goes, is worth a thousand words… so here’s a few thousands worth…

The “Reservoir Dogs Shot” – aka Walking with Attitude

Our photographer did a brilliant job, and we love the photos we’ve seen so far. Best of all we have full copyright control – which is shockingly unusual in Wedding World! His prices are awesome too, check him out at and tell him we sent you.

He did have doing some strange things though. This was the Reservoir Dogs shot. We were told to walk with our hands in our pockets and walk with attitude.

The ‘Reservoir Dogs’ shot - walking with attitude…

Kilts don’t come with pockets… I also struggled with the attitude… but it looks quite nice anyway!

There was also this peeing against the wall one…

The wedding party decide to go for a break…


Me in a kilt

Talking of the kilts… I’m not Scottish at all, I just wanted something a bit different!

I have some strong(ish) Irish blood, and I was originally thinking of maybe wearing the Sligo county tartan… but it was quite hard to come by.

So I went for the very nice, non clan specific Grey Spirit. It’s nice and understated with it’s tweed and wooden button details – not a frill or silver button in sight!

As my best man (and cousin) Gareth said, we looked like we’d just stepped out of the McMatrix…

I have to say that wearing a kilt was very comfortable, and very er… airy! It was easy to forget to keep your knees together when sitting down (girls, I totally smypathise!), but apart from that I would highly recommend the experience! I would certainly do it again.

(Please note: this is me trying desperately to keep this brief… get used to it!)

The Ceremony

I slept soundly the night before the wedding, despite missing Claire being next to me. The beers and seven-way Sensible Soccer session probably helped.

I didn’t really feel any nerves until I arrived at the venue and saw it all set out – for MY wedding!

Even then it was a not unpleasant adrenaline fueled nervous energy, rather than debilitating terror.

Claire coming down the aisle

Apparently by the time Claire was coming down the aisle I was practically dancing on the spot as I tapped my feet like a maniac. This was because several people had just told me I couldn’t look at Claire until she was next to me!

Before that I was really looking forward to seeing her coming in, so I had to focus all my energy in to not looking – so apparently I channeled it into my feet…

It was all very relaxed actually

When Claire arrived next to me I greeted her with some sort of phrase like ‘ow do’ in a funny voice… then we pulled tounges at each other.

Me getting my first bit of jewelry ever!

The ceremony went really well, I fluffed one line, Claire apparently raced through hers like a speed reader – though to be honest I didn’t notice – but we had lot’s of funny moments, and it was actually strangely enjoyable!

During the ceremony


True to form I wrote my speech out about three days before the wedding – though I did have a lot of it in my head for months before hand.. Being a geek I had gone through my speech in front of my new iSight… ahem. I was shocked when it weighed in at over 6 minutes even without presentations!

If I’m going to be honest the groom has a fairly easy job of it, you just have to thank everyone and say how gorgeous your new wife looks.

The best man, on the other hand, has a slightly less easy time. This is mainly because it’s almost law that you have to be funny. With the groom’s, laughs are a bonus, and I think that’s why I wasn’t too bothered about my speech, and Gareth was cacking it…

Claire’s Dad delivering his speech

Anyway all the speeches were great… Claire’s Dad gave a really nice speech as he welcomed their own personal IT expert to the family.

Gareth’s was funny, embarrassing and touching.

Gareth delivering his speech

Though the git did mention that I basically used to watch porn on telly… which he totally made up… ahem.

I get to have my revenge next year though! Mwuhahahahahaha!

My speech

I hardly remember doing my speech at all!

I think people enjoyed it, titters were raised in all the right places, and it went relatively smoothly! I usually hate public speaking but I suppose in the scheme of things on the day it was actually pretty low down my list of worries!

Zombie Face

One thing the day has taught me is that I am completely incapable of smiling on command.

I look like a complete muppet.

Enjoying the best man’s speech…

That’s why I really like these photos taken during Gaz’s speech, because they capture me without realising, therefore my face has not frozen in some weird zombie ‘smile’!

Enjoying the best man’s speech…

Speaking of zombie… I could kill the photographer for this one.

Only one drink had passed my lips…

Something a bit prettier…

Fortunately Claire doesn’t suffer from my affliction and manages to look stunning in all her photos… like this one:

Ohhh those blue eyes!

I mean look at those eyes!

I also have to go on record here:

Yes it’s a stunning dress!


I also enjoyed doing my husbandly duty of keeping you 300m train off the damp floor outside ;o)


A few of us together…

Together outside

That ones outside in Inglewood’s lovely (if slightly damp) gardens.

Speaking of the damp, the photographer always said that if it rains we shouldn’t worry. It’s just part of the day, and we should capture it all the same. So we have a lot of nice photos with his brollies…

Damp, but still lovely!

Although that one is a fantastic example of my ‘smile’…

More brollies

And here’s one last pic of us going upstairs to the honeymoon suite…

Going up the stairs…

…except we weren’t really you see. We didn’t stay at Inglewood, my main responsibility was the first night hotel, so we stayed somewhere else…

The Kop Suite – Malmaison Liverpool

Yeah that’s Kop as in the famous stand at Anfield (home of the best football team in the world for those who don’t know – I’m looking at you America…).

Malmaison decided to theme both of their new Liverpool hotel’s suites on the city’s local football teams – so we could have stayed in the Everton themed ‘Toffee Shop’ – Claire is an Everton fan after all – apparently though the Toffee Shop is roughly half size. Funny that.

I think Claire wondered slightly as to what I was going to come up with for my only solo wedding task. I’m sure when she walked into the room and saw the table football and huge ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ photos she must have been really worried…

The games room of the Kop Suite - Malmaison Liverpool

Thankfully the rest of the hotel’s best suite was very much to Claire’s liking. Whether it be the plush four poster bed…

The four poster bed in the Kop Suite - Malmaison Liverpool

the twin shower bathroom (awful pic sorry!)…

A boring piccie of the shower

the solid teak bath – in the living room – that was comfortably big enough for us both… (with waterproof TV!)

The awesome teak bath in the Kop Suite living room!

or even the sumptuous breakfast!

Claire enjoying the Mal Breakfast

I also enjoyed the 32″ LCD in the bedroom, and the 42″ plasma plus Bose surround sound system in the living room… and yes I did manage to watch Liverpool beating Sheffield United 4-0 on ‘Goals on Sunday’ in the morning. (I am sooooo romantic!)

Overall I have been told I carried out my task extremely well… and that she would like to move in permanently ASAP. (Apparently Gordon Ramsay was staying in our room last week… the cheek just cos we bought some of his plates!)

I was quite lucky though. I booked the room while the hotel was still being constructed… it only opened three weeks before our wedding day… the top four floors are still being finished!

It was awesome, we hope to go back as often as possible – even though we can see it from our flat… whether it will be the Kop Suite again will depend on the Lottery Gods.

I have got a video tour of the whole suite which I may YouTube at a later date as it gives a much better feel of the place.

The Cake

I also have to show you a quick pic of our wonderful cake:

Our wonderful cake

It was fantastically designed and decorated by our wonderful Cake Geek, Sophie, who owns the Daisy Hill Cake Company. I’ve mentioned her before, but Sophie’s enthusiasm and passion for cakes made her a joy to work with!

The Honeymoon

Just to (finally) finish this off here’s a taster of the honeymoon at Cocobay Resort in Antigua…

Our room with a view…

Our room view at Cocobay Antigua

Our bed… with my trusty straw hat (that everyone we met had to comment on…)

The hat and the bed

Claire enjoying the lovely infinity pool at our hotel, Cocobay…

Claire in the pool

Claire looking lovely in the hammock on the balcony of our hut…

Claire in the hammock

Sunset at the lively Shirley Heights Lookout on a Sunday evening…

Shirley Heights Sunset

One of Roman Abramovich’s old yachts “Le Grand Bleu”…

Abromovich’s old yacht Le Grand Bleu in Flamouth Harbour, Antigua

…note the helicopter and two detatchable mini-yachts. It’s like a real-life MASK vehicle! He actually gave this boat away to his friend last year – he still has three more including this beauty. Well until his divorce goes through anyway…

And that is that

That’s it, I’ve had enough of this post now. I have been working on it off and on for the last four or five days!

It has been tough because I’m torn between having a place to keep my thoughts and memories of the day (they won’t be going anywhere else really) and boring the pants off of the internet at large. I’ve probably gone way over to the boring bit – but tough tits, you’re stuck with it!

I hope, though, that I’ve managed to covey how much fun we had on the day. I hope that it encourages some of you out there to do it for themselves. It’s nothing to be scared of – do it!

I’m so glad to have married Claire, it’s a fantastic feeling to be totally committed to the woman I love.

It is quite weird thinking I have wife (it’s also weird wearing a ring, I never thought I would… but it’s nice burnished titanium) – it’s so grown up!

I wouldn’t change it for the world!

If you’re mad enough to be interested in more photos – don’t worry! There will be more available on my Flickr as soon as I get around to uploading them!