Things Grind to a Halt. Again

posted on March 2nd, 2006 by Anthony

What is it with this country?

A light sprinkling of frozen water and the barely attached wheels of the transport infrastructure fly off and disappear down the nearest drain.

Two hours is what our daily trip to Chester took today. A trip that would normally take 45 minutes – on a bad day.

Couldn’t we have got the train?

Well we could if they were running.

Which, of course, they weren’t.


Anyway this little rant is basically a thinly veiled excuse to show a shot from our flat.

You see usually when the rest of the transport system crumbles under the weight of 0.001g of snow the trust old Mersey Ferry will still pluckily take the commuters of Merseyside Over The Water with barely a mummer of complaint.

Except today.

The sunken Ferry landing platform at the Pier Head

A close up of the sunken Ferry landing platform at the Pier Head

Oops. I’m not sure what caused it to sink, but sink it has! At least it wasn’t some flimsy snow based excuse like the other more girly forms of transport. (I’m looking at you Merseyrail.)

Hopefully this weather will clear up in the morning for when we fly out to Dublin for a night of Guinness and Craic!


Claire sent the photo to the BBC and they’ve added it to their photo series on the website! Depsite what the name says it was me that took the photo. Me I tells you! There’s also a few other photos of the mishap from the Liverpool side.

According to the icliverpool site:

Fire crews were called out to help evacuate staff and remove equipment from the landing stage, which is also used by the Mersey inshore rescue boat, at around 10pm last night.

It is believed exceptionally high tides were responsible for the sinking, which left the landing stage partially under water.