This is more like it…

posted on August 1st, 2005 by Anthony

There’s a very reassuring post on the IE blog regarding the lack of changes to the rendering engine of IE7 beta 1.

Basically they are saying we can expect the vast majority of fixes, that we were all hoping for, to appear in beta 2. Apparently they’ve already sorted out a further 15 major bug fixes, support for ABBR, support for CSS2.1 selectors (e.g. first-child), :hover on all elements, and better background image fixing.

They say they are aiming for full CSS 2.1 compliance, which is very encouraging.

They don’t seem to be mentioning much about future standards though. No mention of CSS3, XHTML 2 or any other future standards being supported in any way. I would have liked to have seen these at least mentioned, to prove that they are thinking ahead this time.

You get the feeling that by the time the IE7 market share matures it will already be missing key features that are on the horizon.

But let’s get the present out of the way first eh?