Unordered Random List

posted on April 24th, 2005 by Anthony

So I’ve added in the top navigation. I only realised after doing ‘home’ and ‘about’ that I didn’t actually have any categories to put in it, so I’ve just stuck some semi-random things in that may, or may not, stay.

I’m quite pleased with the look of it though. It’s styled totally in CSS from an unordered list and a lot of relative positioning. It took quite a lot of fiddling about before I actually found a combination that worked in IE and FireFox, at the moment it seems to work pretty well.

I decided very early on not to employ complete image replacement on the links. I know there is always a lot of debate over what works and what doesn’t, and that there are some pretty good solutions out there, but overall I thought this was quite an elegant and balanced way of doing it.

I don’t think it’s a groundbreaking approach to the problem, but it is a solution that fits well into my design. If anybody ever reads this and think they’d find a write up useful, just let me know I would be happy to oblige!

On other things, I’ve still got a few bits to do as this live build continues – mainly the search page. But the area I’m to focus my attention on next is the comments. So I’ll get stuck into that as soon as I can.